Aimee McGowan - on how to challenge outdated societal norms.

Interview with
Aimee McGowan
Aimee McGowan - on how to challenge outdated societal norms.

Aimee McGowan

Civil mores and customs are changing with each passing decade. It’s true that in 2018 many more people are relatively liberal in accepting those who divert from public expectation to follow a somewhat different calling. But even as recently as fifteen years ago, solo mothers still copped the implications of becoming another teenage mum statistic. Aimee McGowan chose to ignore all this when she became a mum at 18.

“I didn’t see it as pushing me off course, rather just as an extra stepping stone to get to the ultimate result”

- Aimee McGowan

Not only that, Aimee decided to then put herself through university and law school as a student mum and follow her childhood dream (from the age of seven) to become a lawyer. She is now a Trust ‘in the cloud’ expert for Morrison Kent Lawyers.

In today’s podcast we have a chat to Aimee and learn how her measured, step by step approach to achieving her goals now finds her as role model for a lifestyle option she considers should be par for the course: a mum who has chosen to be the primary income generator for her family.

Working a full-time career with a stay at home partner taking care of the domestic routines, has required transition from accepting ‘mother’s guilt’ to understanding the alpha pressure of having your family depend on you – “… quite scary! A big motivator!”

Mother’s guilt is a very real issue for career mums. It starts with the female DNA and is reinforced by the societal opinion that if you birthed a child, you should be there 24/7 to care for her. Aimee hopes that in time, mums who work (some call them mumpreneurials) should be seen in terms of skill and aptitude rather than judged on gender.

“It would be great if how the world sees you is how you want to be seen, how you want to be known; a business person rather than a mum who works.”

- Aimee McGowan

But if you are a mum operating in the business world there are definite advantages, some genetic, some created through circumstance. Aimee sites the following:

* Being able to function well on very little sleep!

* Developing ace negotiating skills

* The ability to change focus and balance a multitude of duties

* A nurturing leadership/ management style

* The ability to build rapport and trust with staff, clients and suppliers

* Using flexibility as a work skill

* Providing complementary (opposite) work strategies to male counterparts

And for mums re-entering the workforce: it’s an entirely doable process, especially with the availability of women’s networking groups to draw on for support and collaboration. But she advises mums not to get daunted by trying to achieve too much too soon. Aimee says her commitment to setting “goals within goals within goals” lets her break down and compartmentalise the big picture to stay on track and in control. She cites Stephanie Murray (Mortgages) as inspiration (please listen to our podcast with  Stephanie).

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Oh, and happy Mother’s Day!


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