Andrea Bozzi - Social Media Marketing – Understanding your clients, and how to create content.

Interview with
Andrea Bozzi
Andrea Bozzi -  Social Media Marketing – Understanding your clients, and how to create content.

Andrea Bozzi, Likuid Media

As a business owner, you understand that digital is a fantastic tool and making yourself known on the digital platforms best suited for your business is vital work.

You get that Online is the way this world operates but sometimes new millennium digital marketing strategies can create crisis-point negotiations with your comfort zone!

Our podcast guest today is social media expert and filmmaker, Andrea Bozzi from Likuid Media Andrea maintains that a serious proponent of your business’s marketing mix should be video content, tailored to an audience who is receptive to being influenced.

Andrea is a filmmaker with a passion for quality video content that aptly reflects the Bill Gates quote "Content is King". His experience with film includes the early-days launch of his mum’s fashion boutique – a video’d event that came out “quite nice” – and Andrea has been behind a camera of some sort ever since.

A master’s degree in management down the track didn't help one iota: "I'll be straight up with you – I don't think any of the Degree helped me shape my business" and now with a plethora of ideas and confidence-building strategies at his very creative fingertips, Andrea has set up Likuid Media to make video a more accessible promotional strategy for you.

We recorded this podcast ‘live’ with Andrea’s assistance. It wasn’t hard because we had a couple of cameras set up so we could easily upload and share on YouTube and Facebook; we streamed it on my slightly dodgy phone and were able to note how many watchers we had and even talk to them (no viewers wanted to chat, but I’m not one to bear a grudge).

We didn’t care if we looked a little rough around the edges either and this is something Andrea reckons is a sticking point for many potential video posters. If you are a bit camera shy or like to always have your best face on, that’s fine - live video may not be your forte.

Instead, look at a more professional set up of pre-recordings but remember, a video is not a commercial. It’s an incredibly authentic (therefore compelling) representation of you and your business that allows your customers to get to know you, quickly and, can we say, intimately.

How do you find those customers, reach them, engage with them?

Let's take it step by step. Firstly, understand what TYPE of content you should post. What seems fascinating to you might be a big yawn for your clients, so find out what your clients' problems are so you can come up with a pertinent post that will solve them. Via some form of customer survey, ask these five questions:

  1. What’s your biggest CHALLENGE when it comes to …?
  2. What’s your long-term VISION with …?
  3. How would you FEEL if your problem no longer existed?
  4. What have you already TRIED that hasn’t worked?
  5. What’s your biggest CHALLENGE? (intentional repetition of question 1 creates end-result clarity for you and your customer)

Watch for patterns: a common problem may be the one that allows you to reach and engage with multiple clients in one fell swoop.

OK, so we know who we are targeting as our audience. What next?

When you have the gen on your customers, think about a post that a) mirrors their language b) identifies their problem and c) tells them how you can solve it. Don’t try this at home. Outsource:

And you can get royalty-free stock pics and graphics from or

Then pop your content on Facebook (impossible to SEO but great for long vids and audience and engagement), Instagram (short vids only but set to lengthen with Instagram TV), YouTube (second largest platform after Google), LinkedIn (business lead generation and fab filters).

We know that changed algorithms on Facebook and Instagram made it harder to get reach without paying. What about the new kid on the block, TikTok

Andrea predicts TikTok’s current young user demographic (trending currently - amongst other more whacky scenarios - is angst over the removal of Spiderman from the MCU) is set to age rapidly. But for now, take heed: minors are interactive, innate members of the digital age and they’re evolving as powerful influencers.

And with 500 million users (half of those on Instagram), TikTok is the up and coming ‘Leading destination for short-form mobile video’. The next social media giant? Yes, and it’s happening already. Why not put yourself ahead of the game by connecting and contenting on TikTok now?

I have a pet saying: Imperfect action will always beat perfect inaction. Never truer than in video! Just get out your phone (square screen mode) and begin; and if you need some help, call Andrea – he’s a value bomb on great video content.

He’ll teach you how to create a content strategy, how to outsource for its development, how to keep it simple and authentic to you, how to leverage onto all digital platforms at the same time and repurpose it.

Contact Andrea at Likuid Media or on his many social media sites. 

And by the way, if you need more help in moving your business from ordinary to extraordinary visit me, Craig Oliver at

Or read the show notes from our other amazingly informative, inspirational and gritty podcasts at

So many insights, tips and ideas to be had! Just look back, listen and learn.


Go on, smash through the glass ceiling and move your business from Ordinary to Extraordinary


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