Anne Buttar – Getting noticed by your potential clients with press releases

Interview with
Anne Buttar
Anne Buttar – Getting noticed by your potential clients with press releases

The necessity to get your product or service in front of people who like, need or want it is a no-brainer. It's a keystone of the marketing strategy every business owner utilises to increase brand awareness. The essential components of that strategy depend on how your business is structured, but can we just say that in marketing, there's no time for modesty.

Our podcast guest today is Anne Buttar of Wonderland Firm who explains that hiding your light under a bushel is no way to make sales. There's a process to follow, like anything, but Anne assures us (and we believe her) that the art of gaining publicity for the benefit of your business is at your fingertips.

The gist of today's interview is about knowing your product, knowing your client and then getting to know them even better through the power of the press.

Just Google the lyrics of the song ‘Getting to know you’ so gorgeously sung by Julie Andrews in The King and I and relive it as being the ideal relationship between you and your clients.

A snippet:

As a teacher I've been learning 
You'll forgive me if I boast 
And I've now become an expert
On the subject I like most

Getting to know you

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you 
Getting to hope you like me


Getting to know you

Putting it my way

But nicely

You are precisely

My cup of tea

You and your customers really do need to be each other’s cup of tea. Presenting your business to the people who you think would see value in your product is at the core of all marketing. You need your audience to see, hear, read about you in some format or several so that you become their credible, trustworthy go-to expert.

One way to achieve this is with a well-worded press release. And before you groan and say you’re no good at writing or dealing with the media, listen to Anne:

“It’s unreal to me how easy it is with just a few actionable steps.”

Anne Buttar,

Actionable steps are where it’s at and gaining access to key personnel who can help you announce your new product/ service/ location/ event does takes time and a bit of pre-planning.

It’s a relatively simple process, but you have to keep the faith brother, because backing yourself and putting your business out there takes guts- and a whole lot of self-forgiveness. Shun being hamstrung by ‘perfection paralysis’ and don’t be swayed by the niggles of the monster ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Remember that some of the big names have struggled with the ‘who am I to say, who’s going to listen to me, why am I doing this …?’

Well, who are we not to? Own your passion! Let the tall poppy bloom!

“Stand up and put your hand up ‘cause we are enough to be able to talk about what we know because of our experience. Our products are our babies for a reason!”

“Just show up and play! Don’t put pressure on yourself … nothing you do is wrong.”

Anne Buttar,

So you’ve got a viable business and you want to spread the word using a press release. What’s next?

Lots of baby steps.

Anne suggests first creating an audience avatar. (No, not the movie Avatar.) The business avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. An avatar helps you understand who your customers are and how to find them and get to know them (I hope Julie Andrews is your earworm right now ….)

Ask: Who am I targeting? Who does my product/ service appeal to? Who do I want to get in front of? Where do my customers find out about products like mine - what source/ publication/ medium?

Once you have your list of outlets then do some sleuthing (some might call it stalking). Get to know (recurring theme here!) the tweets and Instagram posts of the journalist at the most relevant outlet.

Then start wooing.

 “I’m gonna like your post; I’m probably going to find a way to share on Facebook or some other wave so I can tag you, ‘cause I want you to know I find your writing to be of value. I’m becoming a fan.”

Anne Buttar,

Now it’s time to tell your story.

Touch base the old-fashioned way: compose an email. Introduce yourself and cement the social media connection you’ve cultivated over the past few weeks. Pitch your product. Say how its point of difference is adding value to your avatar. Then attach your press release and press Send.

If you need help with writing your press release just Google ‘How to write a press release’. If you want to take it to the next level, employ a PR expert.

Because your press release should provoke FOMO. The subject line should be compelling; it needs to incite interest. Include some pertinent quotes. Bullet point key ideas (but don’t be humble). Check it for spelling and grammar. End it with a question to get some dialogue going. And wait.

Keep plugging! Once it’s out there, treasure it, share it with your tribe: “If people like something it becomes vocal and it becomes viral real quickly” - Anne Buttar. It’s an infinitely valuable thing which could well be your trajectory towards success.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Contact Anne on the website or email her or check out Wonderland Firm via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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