Anthony Kirby, on finding a starving crowd, solving a problem and making money.

Interview with
Anthony Kirby of Business Growth Co
Anthony Kirby, on finding a starving crowd, solving a problem and making money.

For many SME owners, the motivating factors behind the decision to go into business (freedom, flexibility, income and control) become blurred by the overwhelming activity of trying to deal singlehandedly with too many operational layers, ‘spinning too many plates’ at one time. Even though fundamentally, running a business is the same for anyone - regardless of product or price, local or global - many owners over complicate the process resulting in unprofitable outcomes such as flat lined growth, stress and frustration. 

Today we speak to Anthony Kirby of Business Growth Co. who tells us that simplifying your business practice can bring about greater clarity, increased brand awareness and subsequent growth. His analogy of juggling tasks by deciding which plates to spin and which to drop is worth considering, but the basic premise of good business is finding your client and getting to know his problem very well. According to Anthony, if you can “explain his problem to him better than he can explain it to himself, he will automatically assume you have a solution.” And that in essence is what being in business is all about: simply, “finding a starving crowd, solving a problem and making money”.  

Anthony is a keen advocate of keeping things simple. Stepping aside to let someone else do the spinning allows a detachment from the hustle and more time to focus on building brand, systems and strategy. Delegating and demarcating responsibilities (with attached KPI’s) also creates a better team culture; Anthony calls it ‘trusting their genius’. And the hours freed up give you a beneficial life-work flow and the ability to prioritise family and friends.

Business Growth Co. has assisted more than 1000 business owners find the momentum to achieve these professional (and personal) goals, increasing combined sales for these companies by over a 100 million dollars. Its menu of services includes a free digital community for low cashflow businesses, hands-on workshops for SME’s and tailored one on one sessions for high-end enterprises. The hallmark of taking on a Business Growth Co  program lies in its simplicity. At the beginning  Anthony recommends you:

  • Target your demographic client by kinship. Choose relatable clients; those who regard your business ethos with respect
  • Avoid a shotgun approach to finding your client. Be very specific
  • Understand that being discerning about your client base will later widen it naturally through word of mouth and referral
  • Keep clear on who your market is to ensure your product is indispensable to your client. High demand = premium price
  • Once you know your clientele look for a mentor who is accessible
  • Embrace social media and invest in it long term
  • Stretch out of your comfort zone and act.

Anthony emphasises the importance of the first few points: knowing your client well enables everything else to fall in to place. This home base strategy reflects the universal flow chart of business:


Once your business has identified its target client then make their experience with your company the best it can possibly be. Anthony says, “Ask the question: what am I doing to give my people an amazing experience within my business, and by the delivery I give to my market place whether they buy from me or not”. That relationship can only work if you have excellent systems in place to be able to deliver your product.

Equally vital is building relationships with your staff. This gives clarity and honesty internally which is mirrored externally by your brand and the philosophies which created it. Anthony mentions the yin and yang aspects of successful team building – Business Growth Co  is a mix of creative, systems, admin and independent advisory – and he sees the company truly walking the talk over the next 12 months by doubling down on existing clients to provide an ‘added value premium service’.

Business Growth Co  will continue to offer free entry into the Business Owners Club via Facebook and in a typically generous gesture Anthony is about to release his set of (multi $1000 programme) training modules into this community. And to anyone who joins after listening to this podcast, Anthony will give a copy of the book ‘Scaling Up’ by Verne Harnish.

More tips for business owners:

  • Listen to others. Communicate well
  • Drink more water
  • Follow Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Read ‘The Boron Letters’ by Gary Halbert
  • Read ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins

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