Beatrice Thorne – Building a successful business that is driven by a passion to make a difference in women's health & lives.

Interview with
Beatrice Thorne
Beatrice Thorne – Building a successful business that is driven by a passion to make a difference in women's health & lives.

Our Talking Better Business host, Craig Oliver has remarked (a lot) how his work in the corporate banking world showed him quite clearly and in a mercifully short time exactly where he didn’t want to be.  

And while some might look with envy at a highly rated job position with a mega-company such as Trade Me or with a high-flying recruitment agency with an eye for global talent, others might soon feel the conscionable truth that those companies do not resonate with either ethos (philosophy) or ethics (morality).

The decision to change tack from corporate to altruistic was an easy one for our TBB podcast guest today, Beatrice Thorne of Eve Health

Her not so linear progression through the series of senior management roles mentioned above enlightened Beatrice in a roundabout way to realise that those jobs were completely off base with where her compassionate nature wanted to be.

Feeling disillusioned with a corporate career and the lifestyle it doesn’t necessarily deliver can be a common scenario. Head versus humanitarian heart - it’s a complicated kind of juggle. And is it really a sensible idea to abandon a steady income, security, perks and an upwards trajectory path in future employment?

For Beatrice, her time “spending 40 hours a week making money for people who already had quite a bit sloshing around!” was all the epiphany she needed. The resultant transformation - though she calls it her “baptism by fire” -  came about through her respect and fascination with a company much more aligned with Beatrice’s values, BePure  

Pestering Ben Warren for a job at BePure paid off and soon Beatrice was the natural candidate to initiate a sister company for Be Pure called Eve Health.

Eve Health offers a new (first in New Zealand and Australia) concept of in-depth health science to educate and inspire people to support their own health.

The evolution of Eve reflects the innovative attitude Kiwis have in their approach to combining business and lifestyle:

“Hey, maybe if I start my own thing, I can create a life around a business I’m passionate about!”

Beatrice Thorne, Eve Health

Starting up Eve Health took all the passion Beatrice could muster. Her ‘baptism by fire’ morphed into ‘a soldier’s first battle’ (original war terminology) as she began the tumultuous journey of bringing something to market.

As part of a scientifically oriented industry Beatrice had to learn challenging stuff about human hormones, software development, lab processes, clinical practice and machinery, R & D, logistics, lead times on delivery and how to cope with setbacks, delays and downright rip-offs … all while 14,000* women waited in the wings for hormonal health support.

Craig Oliver: “Tell us about your sleepless nights, Beatrice.”

Beatrice: “They were plentiful!”

“If I knew how hard it would be, I don’t think I would’ve done it, but ignorance is bliss.”

Beatrice Thorne, Eve Health

So, equally, is knowledge. Armed with data claiming that 87%* of women deal with hormone imbalance created the impetus, aided by leverage and access to BePure’s audience, for Beatrice to forge ahead with Eve.

Beatrice has three key points to share:

  1. Be truly passionate about your business endeavour! It helps smooth the bumpy (and potholed) road ahead.
  2. Appreciate the small things that challenge and motivate you on your path. In perspective, they are the big milestones that mean monumental advancement.
  3. Celebrate your wins and achievements, rather than look at the mountain you're about to climb because in business you never really get to the top.

Beatrice references a comment made by an old Japanese man (which could almost become a proverb) while weeding his garden: “By crawling backwards I’m looking at everything I’ve achieved rather than how much I’ve got left to do.

What’s Eve all about?

Go to or @evehealthco on Instagram to discover and learn. It seems that being well informed is as much the best way to manage your personal health as it is to competently and creatively lead a revolutionary new project like Eve.

Beatrice suggests:

  • Do your market research first
  • Understand every aspect of the business so you can make intelligent decisions
  • Upskill so you can manage facets such as software development, technical know-how, in-house practices
  • Become an expert in these areas so you can have valuable conversations
  • Use your knowledge for guidance and direction
  • Aim to get a grip on 80% of the roles of every member of your team
  • Use your knowledge for an accurate perception of what’s really happening in the business
  • Be wary of supplier companies who over promise and fail to deliver
  • When possible have transport logistics quality checks in place
  • Utilise a very good business advisor to coach you through disaster.

Having BePure as big sister enabled Eve Health to kick off with a roar, all hurdles aside. Future funding is likely to come from targeted private equity/high net worth/ likeminded companies as well as people who simply believe in Eve.

Tapping into overseas markets will further broaden Eve’s reach and adding to the menu of services in time with more comprehensive tools for other types of testing, including men’s hormones and gender-neutral options, will pretty much encompass the full gamut of health analytics. Sound intriguing?

Beatrice says her passion is shared by thousands.

But the company’s simplest goal is to hear more and more clients say things like, “oh my gosh, I’m not crazy! I finally understand! And I feel great!” 

And that feedback is what makes it all worthwhile.

To get your hormone test kit (including a complimentary pot to pee in) contact

Or check out Eve Health via Instagram @evehealthco

*Data analysis by BePure

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