Ben Ryan - The remarkable shift that can happen in your business and life when you understand your personal value

Interview with
Ben Ryan
Ben Ryan - The remarkable shift that can happen in your business and life when you understand your personal value

Ben Ryan, Border Homes

Getting to grips with the Value=Worth equation can be a tricky task in business but it’s one we’d all agree pays dividends long-term.

But when you throw your personality into the business mix, bridging the gap between how you value yourself as a person, how you recognise value in others, how to understand the difference between value for money vs the quality value of a job well done … well, crikey, it gets complicated!

For Ben Ryan owner of 1.7million dollar NSW company, Border Homes it took many years of “being a dickhead” before he realised the relevance of the value equation and how many layers of s… needed to be peeled (painfully ripped) before the big reveal.

It wasn’t easy; with a head in rugby league and the associated lifestyle, the last thing on Ben's mind was navel-gazing and uncomfortable introspection. But push came to shove and circumstances eventually dictated the need for him to climb over his ego and ask some hard questions like, “who the F is Ben Ryan, what’s his purpose, what’s his why, what’s he on this earth to do?”

Ben’s dad was a hard man but ultimately, he gave his son the best gift in the world. Ben will tell you later that it saved his bacon in every which way possible.

And because of this gift, this ‘beautiful thing’, Border Homes has panned out to be a cool tribute to Ben’s father, a prosperous one, too, that he would never have imagined 20 years ago.

The company has moved from a place of static into phenomenal growth, employing three guys working on top-end homes throughout New South Wales. The shift happened when Ben did the classic ‘hitting rock bottom’ after “pretty much f…… everything up”.

Still, he reckons there’s no such thing as making mistakes. It’s all about learning how to take ownership of your actions; finding out where your value system lies and what it’s worth to your business and to you as a person. Ben also makes no bones about the value of seeking help.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, and tho Ben had no time for school back in the day, making time to save his adult world was a no-brainer. He took on a business coach (one who’d lived the hero’s journey) and embarked on a three-month leverage programme then a Mastermind weekend and the flood gates opened.

“Holy Hell, so many aspects (to running a business) that I’m not looking at. I burst into tears.”

Ben Ryan, Border Homes

The ensuing self-development exposed a few home truths that were reflective of where his business was at, which was reflective of where his relationship was at and the world started to change.

Seeing life as a series of balances – sorting stuff out into drawbacks and benefits, all equally important and most revealing, learning about value. Read a book called ‘The Values Factor: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life.’ by John Demartini. This book helped Ben determine the self-worth which enabled him to recognise his professional worth to confidently interpret his clients’ worth. If all are aligned, then so are the stars …

How’s it done?

  • Put your ego into a box
  • Be quiet and LISTEN
  • Watch for body language
  • Let your client lead the conversation
  • Hear where your client is at from a value perspective
  • Determine if he is project (price) driven or service (value) driven
  • Create an expectation of a fair value of exchange
  • Offer a small service to get buy-in
  • Propose your own authentic, value-oriented service.

This process allows you to figure out how to attract the right client-fit for your business. You’ll get pretty quick at summing up the potential of your next professional relationship and deciding to dismiss it or embrace it.

Ben’s rarely lost a client using this strategy; when values are in sync there’s no reason to fail. Add the right mindset, swallow your ego 10x over, then if the other components of business management are in line, too (like bookkeeping: “You need to create a pipeline and a vision for the end of the week, the month, the quarter, the financial year and be accountable”), you’re in!

We mentioned the gift that Ben’s father gave him - it was the insistence that Ben get a trade or get out of home. Ben’s had a few trials and tribulations, but his early commitment to the Building Apprenticeship scheme laid the foundation for his success with Border Homes today.

He’s lived through the struggles, pressures and distractions and has now moved his company to a higher stratosphere. Stuff that’s happened on the way, like alcohol abuse (“ahh yeah nah look, but hey, all part of the hero’s journey!”) helped turn him around. Now it’s time to give back.

Ben’s absolutely passionate about the value of apprenticeships as a way of changing lives for the better. He has an apprentice working for him currently and has had another with him since age 14. The scheme offers more than a job; it's an opportunity to learn life skills that ultimately enable participants to create their own jobs, businesses and wealth.

Ben also takes honest joy in mentoring 14-17-year-olds every Tuesday night. He sees that helping vulnerable youth discover and reach their potential is where the essence of true value lies. And knowing that gives him goosebumps.

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