The key to making a family business productive and successful

Interview with
Bryson Sask
The key to making a family business productive and successful

Bryson Sask – Key Innovations in Vancouver Canada


Waking up early certainly has its benefits. Take it from Bryson Sask who started working in the family business from age 16. In this interview, he explains the importance of a good work-life balance and discusses the challenges of transitioning the family business from father to son. He reflects on his vision and the good practices that it takes to get to the next level.

Key Innovations is based in Vancouver, Canada and was started by Bryan, the father of Bryson who now directs the company of 35 years. They are a branding company that provides promotional products imprinted with logos and slogans to help clients put their “brand in the customer’s hands,” he states. It’s a way for customers to interact with the name and the concept, and Key Innovations strives to be an effective marketing vehicle for clients.

In addition to the actual products they provide, Key Innovations adds value by providing a consultation service to their customers to help them make better branding decisions for their target market. Ways that Bryson and his family have found success over the years are listed below and explained further in the interview.

• Work on the business, not in the business
• Create a Work-Life balance
• Uphold the consultative process
• Maintain family values

Finding the balance to both maintain the core competencies of the business as well as searching for ways to improve the structure, expand the client base, and stay on top of the market is a constant challenge, especially for a company that provides a service such as branding. As a result, Bryson has learned to wear many hats, and he believes that starting his day at 5:30AM is imperative as well as making time for a daily 50-minute workout routine: “The morning is my time to do what’s most important to me that day," he reaffirms. Despite the multitude of roles he plays, he thrives on the challenge and the task of meeting a variety of customer marketing needs.

Bryson also offers some inspiring insights about how families can operate as a business. A functional relationship between father and son in this setting can be a rarity, as intergenerational differences can prove to be an obstacle in the decision-making process. He discusses ways that their family overcame these challenges together and how families can operate successfully.

The vision Bryson has set out for the company’s next steps will be an upward climb, but his determination to continue the business for his family is a powerful form of motivation.

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