Changing Your Mindset and Shifting Barriers

Interview with
Karmen Reed
Changing Your Mindset and Shifting Barriers

Where in the world is Karmen Reed? Well, as it turns out, everywhere! Born in Croatia,  then finally settling in California … but fortunately you won’t have to look too hard to find this impelling woman. Her presence as a high-performance lifestyle coach and mentor is strong on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram … you can even skype her and she would love you to get in touch. Because Karmen’s message is simple and she wants to broadcast it far and wide: Be bold, invest in yourself and let big dreams come true.

When Karmen talks about ‘high performance’ in business or personal life she likens the term to an arena we can all relate to – high performance sportspeople. What pushes a good sports person to become an exceptional one? What takes status quo to the next level? The answer is attitude. You can make this connection and apply it to any field and realise that allowing a shift in attitude can bring incredibly positive results. By changing mindset, you can trounce the barriers holding back progress and move forward to attain any goal. Karmen teaches that it’s OK to be ambitious - and that success will follow if you let it.

Karmen’s workshops and seminars are structured to inspire and encourage people from any walk of life; business owners, parents, individuals and entrepreneurs. She tailors her programmes to reach those whose self-limiting beliefs are clouding their happiness and fulfilment; those who need change to get them past the anxiety of their own or others’ judgement. Karmen achieves this by activating what she calls the ‘inner trust muscle’. Once this rather esoteric muscle is charged for positive energy, fears preventing personal growth are thrown out the door.

If you think that the philosophies Karmen operates by are simply too ‘out there’ or ‘flaky’ (stoic Kiwis especially, take note!) then think again. Karmen Reed has real-world stories about the transformation of people that will open your eyes - in fact one of Karmen’s jobs is to do just that: to find your blind spot and help you see success.

If you would like to learn how to access the clarity, energy and courage needed to see and utilise your unique potential then Karmen is keen to show you how. For those willing to try, she’s generously offering a FREE 60-90-minute coaching session - just email her at, tell her you have listened to this podcast, and you will be good to go.

Go on, “dream bigger, be bold, keep bold”.

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