Col Fink - How to build an engaged team that will drive your business forward

Interview with
Col Fink
Col Fink - How to build an engaged team that will drive your business forward

Col Fink, Speaker, Mentor, Engagement Specialist

The action of leadership is a skill that not only directs your business where you want it to go but also attracts, motivates, engages, and retains the staff that align with your business ethos. It requires an understanding of humanity’s many features and foibles, and in particular how to connect with your team on a level that achieves optimum professional outcomes.

Our guest today, Col Fink, calls that level of operation a ‘deep curriculum’ - a previously shy member of the cache of tools you have at hand to manage your team. It’s one that particularly resonates with the nonchalant Y-gen and anxious Z-gen, and therefore offers huge value when you’re recruiting millennials or newbies to your industry.

Col’s a thought leader and engagement specialist who maintains that to reach your tribe and inspire them to commit to your business you need to discover what approach will spark the catalyst. As a small business owner, you have the advantage. You are agile, adaptable, autonomous, and you recognise that people are key. You already appreciate that your staff manage systems, generate sales and output, and are the human interface of your business.

But however happy your employees seemingly are, are they truly, willingly engaged with your enterprise, are they onboard, sharing your quest and contributing to the way you want your business to operate?

Twelve years ago, a failed enterprise set the pace for Col’s projection towards a life that now plays on his strengths. To him, it’s a vocation that’s easy, enjoyable, fulfilling, natural and is expressed by his passion for helping businesses create genuine engagement from their employees. Col’s book, ‘Tribe of Learning; how to sustain engagement for purpose and profit.’ explains much of his drive and reflects his move to transmuting knowledge and wisdom in Col-speak to assist businesses remove one of their biggest stresses – staff disconnect.    

‘Speakership’ is the art of oration. Col co-wrote a book with the same moniker about the value of increasing the impact you can achieve in influencing teams, inspiring a loyal following and creating the culture you want to see in your business, just by learning how to speak the right language in the right way.

Col is a committed and lifelong advocate of the philosophy of learning and growth to get the best out of life, for himself and others. His mentoring facilitates the process of learning so that it results in personal growth, and this is known as engagement.

Engagement comes when your team chooses to expend discretionary, voluntary energy into learning and doing something in their daily work routine that evokes a different interpretation of their usual job description.

But does it also mean that if they’re not learning, they’re not growing? In a way, yes, and if you have a disinterested team member - disengaged (and/ or destructive) it’s probably time you provided an opportunity for them to grow in a different workplace. 

Col’s mission is about improving workplace dynamics, individual fulfilment, and creating buy-in to your collective purpose: “Together we can create something much bigger than ourselves”. He teaches how to reconfigure the curriculum you offer your team simply by recognising that the cycle of learning involves more than diligence, output, and performance.

There’s another key link that needs connecting to complete the loop of engagement and keep it spinning; it's a fascinating yet simple concept and in our podcast, Col explains how to uncover, tap into, and satisfy some basic human needs to provide the answer.

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