Cory Mitchell & Lucy McGreggor - How a ton of hard work, learning from mistakes, and a bit of Covid 19 luck has put SleepHeavy on the road to success

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Cory Mitchell & Lucy McGreggor
Cory Mitchell & Lucy McGreggor -  How a ton of hard work, learning from mistakes, and a bit of Covid 19 luck has put SleepHeavy on the road to success

Cory, Indi, and Lucy Sleep Heavy

The world is at your feet, and you’re looking for what life has to offer.  You are on the search for the right business opportunity.  As is the case during this time there might be a few sleepless nights and stargazing to be had, but for Cory and Indi from, stress and insomnia have turned out to be an absolute boon.

Sleep Heavy is now soaring towards the very stars that helped create its conception in 2018. Since then, Sleep Heavy’s vanity metrics have converted to some impressive actionable metrics, taking Cory and Indi from stargazing to reality.

That realism includes looking at record growth for 2020 of 70% and revenue averaging $50k a month.

The pandemic challenges thrown up by 2020 impacted everyone. Yet much of Sleep Heavy's phenomenal growth can be attributed directly to Covid 19 and its psychological side-effects.

The timing of Covid was spot on – and as Cory says, it created the perfect storm for success. Commercial gains were there for the taking, and Sleep Heavy’s business module was all set up to enjoy the ride.

That timely positioning came as much by good management as trial and error. Rookie mistakes taught Cory and Indi what not to do – like not handing over cash, trust, scaling, marketing, and customer service to just any other company that are full of false promises.

“We’ve both got day jobs, so we’re going to give you guys a big chunk of money each month and expect you to grow our business!”

They became more considered about where to invest, opening up a partnership opportunity with digital marketers, It was a studied shift, and the two companies mutually appraised one another before deciding they were a good fit.

Covid 19’s perfect storm meant Lucy could up the ante on all platforms. Her understanding of Sleep Heavy’s targeted audience meant she could capitalise on its trail-blazing status and amplify the company’s digital communication by:

  • Intensifying branding strategy
  • Reaching and retaining market share
  • Diversifying to incorporate value-added product to expand market share
  • Developing and highlighting USP’s
  • Increasing website visitor conversion
  • Enhancing the customer journey
  • Using testimonials as sales tools.

Seeking a life path solution as well as good health and a restful sleep provided the catalyst for Cory and Indi to launch Sleep Heavy.

To find out what this premium product has achieved for them, listen up. We talk about:

  • establishing the building blocks of strategy
  • pricing and value
  • competition
  • navigating 'one step forward, two steps back' progress
  • engaging trusted outsourcers
  • finding your sweet spot.

And if you're still not sure how to find that, make a move anyway. The stars don't always have to be aligned at the start to get you where you want to be.  You just need to start !!

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