Dave Moloney – The art of storytelling to market your business

Interview with
Dave Moloney
Dave Moloney – The art of storytelling to market your business

Dave Moloney, Let the Secret Out

You know the saying, ‘If walls have ears’? It’s been around forever (well, in English, since 1620) and means that walls are the unwitting receivers of gossip spoken in the rooms they enclose.

Wouldn’t you like to hear the secrets those walls could tell?

Humans are curious creatures, a bit nosy in fact, and getting the gist of what’s really going on is a natural part of our nature. We get excited by other people’s lives – is it because their story is a much more interesting one to tell than our own?

Our guest today, Dave Moloney from Let the Secret Out http://www.letthesecretout.co.nz/ disagrees. Dave is a photographer cum wordsmith who helps businesses achieve online connections and recognition through storytelling.

Dave reckons we all have something to say about our life. There’s no such thing as a boring story when you delve into the nitty-gritty of experience and find out WHY it is what it is. Skimming over the surface is a no-go for Dave who uses the Five Whys technique https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_Whys to peel away all the layers - and get to the gold nuggets that create who you are.

That gold is what your clients want to feel, see, read, engage with. They want to know you as a person, not just as a business – and they really want you to open up (be brave!) to tell a story they can relate to.

Let the Secret Out looks for the essence of what makes the personal persona behind your business appeal to ordinary people, then uses that insight to make friends with your clients.

How? Well, it makes sense to use the power of digital to broadcast your unique message.

You and millions of other social media observers and commentators just love the voyeuristic opportunity these platforms enable. Dave Moloney shows you how to capitalise on that (no, you don’t need to air your dirty washing in public – you just need to be real).

I asked Dave what else makes for a really good story. He sites:

  • Talk about, or portray the relatable, connectable moments that enable your clients to put themselves in your shoes and vice versa
  • Use humour to lighten the mood and evoke an emotional response
  • Don’t be afraid to let people (your customers) in on your journey – they value your vulnerability
  • Show how your business “gives a f… about whatever you (the client) gives a f… about” (Dave Moloney, Let the Secret Out
  • Tell an ‘imagine if’ story, but make sure it comes across as encouragement, not a threat
  • Explain in this order: person, business, product
  • Find your Why. Simon Sinek, https://startwithwhy.com/find-your-why/

The thing Dave is passionate about resonates with the fact that people do business with people, not products or services. So learn how to really speak to your audience. They’re there waiting, listening, watching, and thinking about who to do business with.

Make that decision easy for them because the more you connect with your audience on a deeper level, the more they feel they know, like and trust you.

And that’s what leads to good business.

If you’re feeling a little shy about it all you can circumnavigate the (typically kiwi) aversion to ‘showing off' by using third-party testimonials. 

Ask these questions (creds to Johny O’Donnell ShiftOn http://www.shifton.co/:

  1. How did you find out about me?
  2. What were your hesitations prior to calling?
  3. What was your experience based on the above?

Your story will be told, ready or not … but if you’re still unsure then Google the fantastically successful 3 Wise Men advertising campaign https://www.3wisemen.co.nz/bluffers . These guys let it all hang out and their customers love them for it.

“Your business is just like people’s lives: it has its ups and downs and it works alongside the people in the community, the town that you’re in.”

Dave Moloney, http://www.letthesecretout.co.nz/

Let your secret out at least five or six times a year. More often if posting text snippets, videos or photos on Facebook or similar. You can use the same experience for any medium, just reformatted according to the platform.

And just start now.

Contact Dave on his website http://www.letthesecretout.co.nz/, on LinkedIn under Dave Moloney, on https://www.facebook.com/Letthesecretout/ or via email: dave@letthesecretout.co.nz

By the way, if you need more help in moving your business from chaos to control visit me, Craig Oliver at https://www.projecthq.co.nz/

Or read the show notes from our other amazingly informative, inspirational and gritty podcasts at https://www.talkingbetterbusiness.com/

So many insights, tips and ideas to be had! Just sit back, listen and learn.


Go on, smash through the glass ceiling and move your business from ordinary to extraordinary!



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