Dr Rachel McInnes – Pulling science,intellect, and practical experience together to deliver outcome focused Wellbeing into the workplace.

Interview with
Dr Rachel McInnes
Dr Rachel McInnes – Pulling science,intellect, and practical experience together to deliver outcome focused Wellbeing into the workplace.

Dr Rachel McInnes, The Wellbeing @ Work Dr.

If you start reading these show notes before you listen to the podcast (especially if you’re feeling a little unwell) there’s no point in rushing to the phone to make an appointment with the doc. Not if you need a prescription for your dicky ticker that is.

But if you’re looking for some guidance in your SME or need a change in the way you manage yourself or your staff then please do dash off and check out Dr Rachel McInnes’s website at https://mcinnes.associates/.

She’ll happily organise a consultation with you to prescribe a ‘green' solution tailored to fix your workplace dilemma as part of her service.

Rachel’s not an MD, rather a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and has coupled this qualification with her 20-year-span of experience in human resources, I.T, business process improvement and talent management to add massive value to her professional role as The Wellbeing @ Work Dr.

It's a keyword, that: value, because Rachel's evidence-based scientific reasoning for the causes of under-par people-performance comes down to a few simple yet vital things: undefined personal and company values.

She’s a convincing advocate of value-based wellbeing.

You might be wondering what that means … and how it’s related to the way your business functions.

And while we’re at it, would you also wonder, or be a bit vague about the health of your vagus nerve? (Your what?) Well, have you ever heard of ‘heart rate variability’? If you’re an A-lister watcher, the answer to that might be Yes. It's a trendy thing in la-la land right now, as is the catchphrase wellbeing, however, Rachel’s world-first doctorate study takes both subjects very seriously indeed. 

Rachel has built her business as The Wellbeing @ Work Dr. by helping SME’s and corporates discover and implement core values as a fundamental business strategy. Values are directly linked to wellbeing and once identified and pursued, the positive outcomes that follow speak for themselves.

But how do you figure out what your core values are? …

“Let’s talk about the fluffy stuff!”

Rachel McInnes https://mcinnes.associates/

… Ask firstly what’s important to you (pick say, 5 ideals or aspirations). That means taking yourself off on a date to get to know what’s truly meaningful in your world. Rachel suggests “going and having a glass (but not a bottle) of wine with yourself”.

Or you can even Google ‘Values’ and just follow the step by step process – it’s worth taking an hour out of your busy day if you want to discover the path to “be the best you can be”.

Once you’ve identified your personal values then you can link them to your organisation as an employee, team leader or business owner. Question:

  • Where is your business at right now?
  • Where are you sitting in your personal life?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to achieve as an outcome?
  • What can Rachel do to help?

A similar values recognition process applies for corporates and SME’s, though for small businesses value identification can be blurred by the family/ friend-operated dynamic, a ham-stringing effect that may need to be neutralised.

Either way, the values = outcome equation is so important in relation to workplace wellbeing that Rachel’s completing an e-book which will be available soon – contact her to find out more. She also recommends you check out ‘Finding True North’ by Michael Henderson, http://www.culturesatwork.com/cpresources06/finding-true-north/.

Touch base with Rachel. She practises what she coaches, values her own coach, Rachel Klaver from Identify Marketing, https://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/staff-member/rachel-klaver-2/ and indulges and excuses her guilty pleasure of drinking chardonnay by imbibing it in yoga pants …

She is proud of the fact that as a self-employed person she has learnt how to show up to herself, has taught others how to do that and has survived the uncertainty of being in business (even though her ‘boss’ can be “a bit of an arse”).

Contact Rachel at https://mcinnes.associates/, on LinkedIn or Instagram. 

And by the way, if you need more help in moving your business from ordinary to extraordinary visit me, Craig Oliver at https://www.projecthq.co.nz/

Or read the show notes from our other amazingly informative, inspirational and gritty podcasts at https://www.talkingbetterbusiness.com/

So many insights, tips and ideas to be had! Just sit back, listen and learn.


Go on, smash through the glass ceiling and move your business from ordinary to extraordinary!



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