Fiona Roberston - Workplace culture, and how to build a sense of belonging

Interview with
Fiona Roberston
Fiona Roberston - Workplace culture, and how to build a sense of belonging

Fiona Robertson, The Rules of Belonging

Finding the interface between business culture and strategy is about observing from the balcony instead of dancing in the mosh pit. You’re analysing, reflecting, and trying to see what’s up. However, just like The Matrix factor; once you get the code to unlock the solution, you can’t not see, and it’s likely that now is the time to initiate culture change.

Our guest today is Fiona Robertson, a Culture Change and Leadership Practitioner. Fiona tells us how we can enhance our effectiveness as leaders by understanding the impact of what a million years of humanity has taught us about culture.

Evolution has taken a long time, but the mechanics of cultural evolution are rolling so quickly that survival of the fittest is just as relevant today as in early times. Our brains are stuck in a time warp and socially we’re struggling to keep up. We’re using a raft of different tools to survive, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has been flipped upside down.

So why do we still think that if those basic human needs aren’t supplied, we’ll die? The answer is in Fiona’s  Rules of Belonging. Apply that concept to your culture strategy and you’ll see unexpectedly-easy real-time results - and a boost to your bottom line.

First up, you need to decide what kind of culture you want by diagnosing where you are right now and where you’d like to be. Mark the positions with an X and if the gap between is more gargantuan leap than simple tweak, then taking advantage of the Rules could be your solution.

Noticing how the Rules affect your team allows you to encourage the kind of culture that complements the ‘Who, What, How’ of your organisation. It frees you from energy-sapping conflict resolution. It creates harmony, loyalty, and common purpose and lets you focus on growing, finetuning, and reaching your customer base the best way possible.

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