Ganapathy Iyer – How to get the best out of your business projects

Interview with
Ganapathy Iyer
Ganapathy Iyer – How to get the best out of your business projects

Ganapathy Iyer, Project Management Specialist

When you’re at a point in your business journey that highlights the need for a shift in strategy, you might decide to embark on a project.

That decision comes from recognising that sitting at status quo is no longer where you want your business to be. You could have an idea about a new revenue stream or a business goal that’s not yet met. You might have scaling in mind, team talent to put to good use or new developments to explore.

Whatever the reason for contemplating a project, our podcast guest today, Project Management Specialist, Ganapathy Iyer, maintains you must be crystal clear on it. 

What exactly is a project? It's something you wouldn't do in your day to day business activities; it’s outside of the box and unique, it has a fixed end date, a clear objective, and is the bigger-picture stance you adopt to move your business from one level to another.

But for small to medium-sized businesses who’re already balancing on a fiscal tightrope, undertaking a project can mean pressure-plus. It requires you to divert time and resources from existing tasks and contemplate the risk of pursuing something that may or may not pay off long-term.

Ganapathy Iyer rationalises that doubt and breaks down the daunting concept of initiating and completing a project into bite-sized bits. His approach is simple, easily implemented, and measurable - and it works for big enterprise and small businesses alike.

Far from being a one-size-fits-all modus operandi, Ganapathy tailors the process to suit your business niche, your budget, and your expectations. Identifying the why, who, and how are vital steps in assessing if a project is viable, so firstly answer these three questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the project? Do we need to do it now - what would happen if we didn’t?
  2. Do we have ‘face’ for the project? A believer - whose baby is it?
  3. What is our story? How will we execute the journey of our project?

If you’re unsure, reconsider your timing, because investing in a weakly-structured, pointless project can spell disaster for your business. Otherwise, it’s all systems go, and you can now focus on how to get your project over the line. Is it aligned with where you are in the market? Look at current efficiencies and improvement opportunities. Start with the low-hanging fruit - things that you’re already doing well - and think about how you can re-define excellence. Use efficient tools (and don’t forget, “a fool with a tool, is still a fool …”)

Equally important is choosing the right people at the right time to get on board and see your project through.

Engaging a motivated and knowledgeable team and keeping them busy as they work towards a clearly defined outcome gives your project momentum. As you make regular pit stops to watch the glass filling up, your people feel energised and validated to be creating something bigger than themselves.   

If you’re positive your business needs to get a project underway, but don’t have the confidence to move forward, then consider hiring someone like Ganapathy Iyer. Although project consultants “don’t change your organisation, they merely help you if you’re willing to be helped”, the support provided can allow your business to experience a positive change that may well revolutionise your position in the industry.

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