The Phenomenon that is Coworking spaces

Interview with
Graham Nelson & Jacqui Elley
The Phenomenon that is Coworking spaces

Manifold Co-working and Event Space

This is the way the world is moving – it’s a service for our entrepreneurs and those who work from home.

To an artist, manifold may mean varied in appearance, numerous, and abundant, while a mechanical mind would say it’s an engine, pipe or chamber with many outlets. In either sense of the word, it has different meanings for different individuals, and so does the coworking space created by Jacqueline Elley and Graham Nelson, who founded Manifold Coworking and Event Space in New Plymouth just two years ago. It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs, artists, contractors, writers, social media and web design gurus, as well as the occasional volcanologist to get together and share the same office space, and with that, the same energy and passion for their line of work.

Coworking is a fairly new concept in New Zealand; however, this idea of a shared office space with those who work independently and not necessarily for the same employer has taken off overseas. Through their travels and experience as a freelance artist (Jacqui) and web and software designer (Graham), they have found a gap in the local market. Manifold supports that high standard of work-life balance that has come to be expected in the Taranaki region, and it makes available a comfortable and social workplace right in the middle of town.

New ideas like Bounce, a forum where business-minded individuals can share ideas and “bounce” concepts off of one-another in the shared space every Friday, and events like Startup Weekend Taranaki are what make this space valuable to entrepreneurs and local small business owners.

This podcast highlights the relevance of a shared office space for independent thinkers and brings to light the benefits of working in one area of the CBD. Some of the key points in the interview include:

  • What inspired the creation of the space
  • What they have learned in the development of their concept
  • How they viewed the risk with a start-up idea in a small city
  • What’s in store for the coworking space moving forward

If you would like to learn more about Manifold Co-working and Event Space, and how it could possibly be ideal for your business activities visit their websiteread their blog, and like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the latest events.

Also check out this fantastic article from Coworker Lab that gives more insight about coworking, and how it operates around the world

Also you can contact Graham directly at to arrange a time to check out the space!


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