Growing your business using the power of personal branding and amalgamating the tools of online and offline marketing into each other.

Interview with
Simone Vincenzi
Growing your business using the power of personal branding and amalgamating the tools of online and offline marketing into each other.

As a business owner have you ever stopped to classify the difference between the terms ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘business person’? Do each of these roles need the other; are they interrelated - or can each exist independently?

And are you digitally savvy enough to know what to do with a ‘bot’ if you came across one?

Our guest today, UK based business coach, public speaker and digital marketing specialist, Simone Vincenzi, advises that in his experience, these skills are all entwined. Simone describes himself as an ideas man working in the mechanical hub (or trenches) of his business as well as initiating and capitalising on digital marketing to give added advantage. Not all organisations have the resources to be able to utilise such an integrated model but Simone recommends that success for any enterprise means:

  • Finding the ideas to create how your business can fill a customer need
  • Understanding the operation of a bricks and mortar business
  • Introducing digital marketing
  • Following through on a process of getting people through the door
  • Understanding how online communication affects offline business
  • Allowing your business model to shift from ‘corporate’ to ‘people’
  • After success in personal branding, knowing when and how to detach yourself.

Quick Background

Simone’s early years in Italy were disrupted by a family breakup at the age of fourteen. An independent and competitive nature revealed a drive which saw him enter the hospitality industry. This quickly lead him to managing up to 200 restaurants and then being Europe’s youngest (at nineteen) to do so at a Michelin Starred establishment.

Opportunities in London enthused him to continue to be best in his field, and whilst focussing on his own professional development, Simone discovered a passion for business – creating, growing and scaling. His entrepreneurial skill soon came into effect; turning a £120,000 organic vegetable shop from a one-man band into a £800,000 chain of stores.

In 2017 Simone’s businesses service a wide range of clientele and that growth has come from taking a sequential, logical approach:

  • Start with the real stuff – you need people to walk through the door
  • Once they are there, how can you engage them to stay?
  • How can you encourage them to return?
  • How can you capitalise on their custom?

Here’s where savvy digital marketing comes into force. Understand that businesses operate best when you take a holistic digital strategy by viewing all facets as part of an ecosystem: i.e. each aspect relying on another to work. Whether this entails sponsored ads, email, Facebook or Instagram, finding your audience and capturing them is the way to stay connected.

The new Facebook Messenger platform ‘Bot’ is potentially the most sophisticated and possibly the most cost-effective method to achieve this. It uses demographic targeting to first reach your audience then maximises this connection in a way that allows an 80% click open rate (as opposed to a 10% on standard digital communication). Future forward, makes good business sense and is a new point of difference in digital strategy.


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