How to Save Time by Outsourcing

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Katherine Blaney
How to Save Time by Outsourcing

Get Organised and Get Online With Assistia

Assistia was created by Katherine Blaney, who hails from Western Canada, and has embarked on an entrepreneurial path, in New Plymouth, which may be on the way to disrupting the small business industry in a big and positive way.

Assistia was created to empower entrepreneurs and provide value to small to medium-sized businesses that are seeking to learn, develop and/or redistribute less traditional administrative tasks, which may not be directly related to the strengths of the actual business, but are important for the growth and development in the virtual world, an increasingly important realm for successful businesses.

These digital services may include, but are not limited to: setting up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system such as Insightly or Capsule, writing blogs or drafting professional documents, creating a social media strategy and leveraging tools such as Buffer to create consistency with an online presence, providing insight around project management with Asana or Trello and creating websites on easy-to-learn platforms. Assistia strives to not only improve businesses and empower entrepreneurs to wield the available online tools, but also aims to alleviate the stress of time-consuming tasks, which detract from the actual product or service of the company.

Through Katherine’s expertise within this “new wave of admin,” she can also provide a personal touch, which goes largely unmatched by the traditional overseas outsourcing. She provides up-skilling opportunities and advice to help owners grow within their own business or she can take on tasks that take up a large amount of time and do not directly relate to the core competencies: “Some don’t have time or interest, so I can take it on.”

Not to mention, she can recommend the latest online tools and apps that are most appropriate to each business, and through her coaching and recommendations, she will locate ways to increase value and ultimately save time and money.

Main benefits of outsourcing to Assistia:

  • Business owners can focus on their strengths
  • Saves time and helps owners feel like tasks are being completed
  • Helps generate more momentum by freeing up valuable time
  • Peace of mind and more time for family

Katherine is also a facilitator for The Desire Map as adapted by the book written by Danielle Laporte.

If you are interested in up-skilling at reasonable rate and adding a valuable complement to the admin of your business, or if you would like to find out more, please visit: and connect with Katherine on LinkedIn or follow @Assistianz on Twitter


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