Knowing when and how to allow your business to grow

Interview with
Shane Devlin
Knowing when and how to allow your business to grow

In this episode we have the privilege of talking to Shane Devlin from Graphix Explosion.  Shane, with wife Sharon has built a print and graphics business from a home-based enterprise in 1995 to a multi service industry offering compliance print and branding services as well as sophisticated digital promotional design.

Graphix Explosion is a positive example of how being prepared to move with the times, recognise opportunity and understand what constitutes a calculated risk, can enable your business to succeed in a competitive commercial market.

It’s a balancing act that needs a mix of intensive forethought and proactive attitude.

For Shane and Sharon this balance of skills has evolved naturally due to their willingness to accept that the future is always going to be different and to keep up, you need to be light on your feet.  

Shane sites the keys to business longevity as:

  • Building your team by recruiting in sync with future direction
  • Being ready to change with technology
  • Seeing strategic opportunities and being ready to act on them when they are right
  • Doing your due diligence to enable ‘thoughtful risk taking’
  • Acquiring other businesses to grow your portfolio of clients and services, as long it is a win/win outcome for both parties
  • Knowing when to pull back expansion if you are too busy to deliver on time
  • Seeking help from mentors and other similar sized operations
  • Being committed to networking.

How can you utilise these ideas for your business?

  • It takes a good team to see the bigger picture

Shane and Sharon have a collaborative relationship with their staff using clear communication on current strategies and of the way forward.


  • Be aware of how society is increasingly digitally oriented

Paperless offices are becoming the norm as technology shapes how businesses operate. You need to transition to this philosophy.


  • Stay in touch with your business’ core values and philosophies when considering an expansion

If it doesn’t fit in with your company goals or feel ‘gut’ right then don’t do it.


  • Internalise customer service so that it is an expectation of your staff to always deliver the best service within the least time

Shane’s customer guarantee here is ‘Right first time and on time, or it’s free’.


  • Choose mentor help that inspires and professional help that understands the size, position and future direction of your enterprise

It makes sense to seek advice from other businesses who are relatable and empathetic.


  • Join a club, play a sport or actively participate in organised networking opportunities – ‘your network is your net worth’

You are in business to make connections which lead to sales - and sales are the natural evolution of a conversation and a need.


What next?

Tune in to the podcast for more insights - the ideas are well proven. But now the challenge is to get out of your comfort zone and find out how Shane’s techniques could work for your business. Attend the next networking opportunity you can.  It may take your business in the positive direction you need to ensure your future success. 

Feel free to contact Shane at any time,  or view their website 


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