Kristal Sargent - How to develop an award winning, high performing business through the empowerment of your people.

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Kristal Sargent
Kristal Sargent - How to develop an award winning, high performing business through the empowerment of your people.

In the fast moving and competitive hairdressing industry, creating a strong-enough point of difference to achieve comet-like success would present a challenge for any savvy business owner.

For Kristal Sargent, owner of La Villa Hairdressing and Extensions, nailing that vital component has not only created a positive edge, it’s also provided the underlying mantra by which to operate her business. The results: rapid growth, amazing staff and loyal clients.

The essence of La Villa’s USP reveals some down to earth gems that are straight from the heart; values as fundamental as honesty, humility and respect instilled by a humanitarian leader who’s OK about using her gut instinct to see the way forward.

Add being ‘real’ and relatable to the mix, then back all these ethics up with a skilled team who embrace the culture and love their work. La Villa’s point of difference suddenly becomes many points - all of which stand out like a sore thumb … or a fabulous hair do.

“We don’t do any crap, no bullshit, no gossip, no drama … we look for people who can slot in and enjoy it; people who are beautiful on the inside - and, of course, with high skill levels!”

Kristal Sargent, La Villa Hairdressing and Extensions

Kristal sets the tone for a positive work culture with every interaction she encounters. The upbeat salon vibe of La Villa is maintained as a code of behavior and staff quibbles are sorted tout de suite. She’s not very PC (gets her into trouble sometimes) but when team members know what’s expected and where the boundaries lie, inhouse relationships tend to flourish.

Understanding how to treat fellow stylists and service valued clients “who pay good money to visit” reflects the standards of a highly professional team who’re making an impression nationally, as well as locally.   

Bring on the accolades! From 2014 to 2018, La Villa has won a cluster of seven national salon awards, not least of which were Employer of Choice (2017) and Excellence in Marketing (2018).

Winning awards are great tools for business promotion but going for them means pushing out of comfort zones and “stripping back the layers of the business and seeing what’s going on” – not an easy process! But Kristal’s always been a ‘why not just go for it and do it now’ kind of person, building up experience through lots of hard work and a few hard knocks (all “worth every dollar, every tear and every bit of laughter”).

Kristal has huge faith in the value of her staff (her “girls”) and invests in tailored courses and mentor support as part of empowering their professional and personal development. She totally embraces the importance of leading by example.

“You can’t have meetings and say, right, hey guys, do this, be like this, do that … the mantra has to come from the top.”

Kristal Sargent, La Villa Hairdressing and Extensions

 From Kristal’s perspective being a good business owner is not about being your team’s best friend, but it is about transparency – and laughter. She says:

  • Laugh all the time!
  • Be real
  • Focus on personality
  • Look after your staff’s livelihood
  • Be honest
  • Humanise the work
  • Take calculated risks
  • Make sure your clients receive 100% what your marketing promises.

Then look for new avenues to pursue … for Kristal it’s expanding to build Vixen and Luxe patented hair extensions. Specialised hair extensions are a fascinating and worthy adjunct for La Villa on so many levels – listen up if you’re curious!     

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