Leeon Johnston – Challenge the status quo, and do something everyday that scares you.

Interview with
Leeon Johnston
Leeon Johnston – Challenge the status quo, and do something everyday that scares you.

Leeon Johnston, https://leeonjohnston.com/

If the thought of doing something scary every day scares the begeezers out of you, you’re listening to the right podcast. Our guest today believes the old platitude about pushing yourself out of your easy chair and into your uncomfortable zone - but why? When you’re just starting to enjoy life why change tack to do something that’ll probably bring you purposeful pain?

Leeon Johnston https://leeonjohnston.com/ made friends with his pain about 7 months ago when he decided to use his high achiever personality and mana to create a whole different status quo. It was a bit touch and go and he likens the process to being the puny one in a team of 100kg rugby players; you run like hell ‘cause you have the fear of god behind you. You feel the fear and do it anyway.

He’s fine tuning that philosophy as we speak.

Serving the people of small-time Motueka was always a passion. Tempted to move to fatter pastures, Leeon listened to the Acres of Diamonds (Russell H. Conwell) podcast, reconsidered and stayed put to slam just about every professional goal possible. We talk to him about how he called in his community loyalties and changed brand to push out sideways – a new kind of same old same old but one that allowed a succession plan when it came time to hang up his boots.

There were (are) troubles galore, particularly the key switch from a self-governing role to an all-governing position leading a team of ten.

Entering leadership takes great organisational skills balanced by diplomacy and tact - and mellow Leeon is not, “Sometimes you’ve gotta rip the plaster off and open it up!”.

How do you know you have what it takes (courage) to get into business ownership? Leeon tells us to temper the advice to go back to your knitting – sure, get to know your industry inside out, but when things get warm and comfy, it might be time to put yourself out there, “You just gotta give it a go, don’t ya!”

Leeon has the energy to do that; he’s living his message, learning how to step up and act like a grown-up, and loving it.

Is he winning? Strangely enough, it’s not about reaching the finish line – check out Gary Vee’s Why Everything Is Scary Until You Do It | DailyVee 593https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/. Satisfaction comes from the process, doing the doing, feeling the angst, and no regrets.  

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Go on, smash through the glass ceiling, and move your business from Ordinary to Extraordinary.



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