Navigating your way through the maze of Social Media use in Business

Interview with
Linda Coles
Navigating your way through the maze of Social Media use in Business

Digital media consultant, author, speaker, trainer, social media for business expert.

For anyone in business, the catchphrase ‘social media’ is one that really gets into your head. You know you need it - it’s part of life - but understanding the value of social media in relation to your business can be a bit of a process. Pressure to keep up with an online presence is growing daily. More people use digital as their first tool to source information, make connections and decide who to contact for any number of services. Can your business be seen, evaluated, easily reached and reviewed by social media users and if not, does it really matter?

Our guest today is digital marketing consultant, Linda Coles of Blue Banana Ltd – you might even call her a social media guru as with over 500,000 LinkedIn followers she is well qualified to hold the title of social media influencer on that platform. Linda has written four bestselling books designed to inform and guide businesses through an ever-increasing number of online marketing facilities. Her first, ‘Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days’ (Wiley) is so popular it has been re-published three times, each issue updating new styles of social media as they become available. Can you believe that just a few years ago the only big players in social media were Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and to a lesser degree, Twitter?

Linda’s 2015 update introduced Pinterest and Instagram, and soon to be released (Aug 2017) is the 2017 version renamed ‘Social Media for Business’ which will include gems about the latest; snapchat, podcasting, email marketing, search engine optimisation and more on Google+. But before you charge on with aspirations to be as digitally public as possible, Linda recommends taking a breath and looking initially at the basics of good business management.

This means asking yourself some tough questions about:

  • the type of industry you represent and its location 
  • the demographic you are targeting 
  • your current level of service and ‘customer journey’ 
  • where your customers can be found and what problems they have
  • what social media they use
  • what your professional standards are. If a potential client walked through your door, would they like what they see, and even better, be prepared to ‘like’ on your soon to be developed social media page?

Linda believes that once these questions have been analysed (by you as business owner and possibly with input from an objective customer) then you are ready to dive on in, with clarity and conviction. Linda helps you decide which online platforms to utilise, how best to spend your marketing budget and how to initiate the right digital and hard copy mix to reach your customers. Linda’s expertise helps you find your professional ‘voice’ - the style that reflects your business and helps it stand out on the growing number of social media platforms available.

It’s a simple task then to create an interesting and entertaining social media presence that helps your customers decide to do business with you.

Want to learn more? Linda has an awesome deal for you. Just take a selfie holding her book, use the hashtag #sm4bus and send to and you will go in the draw to win an hour’s virtual coaching.

In the meantime, have a look at Linda’s LinkedIn profile and read a few of her snappy and insightful blogs – they will bring you face to face with the useful and all-pervasive world of social media. Or visit her website at


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