Mike Clark - How to engage your staff to achieve great things

Interview with
Mike Clark
Mike Clark - How to engage your staff to achieve great things

How to engage your staff to think right, act right and get the right results

Author and humourist, Mark Twain once said,

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

We’d all aspire to experience this quote as a personal reality, but according to statistics, a whopping 70% of people don’t enjoy their job. One enlightening side effect of this: most people operate at only 50% of their potential work productivity.

In today’s www.talkingbetterbusiness.co.nz podcast we talk to Mike Clark of Think Right Ltd www.thinkright.co.nz  and hear how he is on a mission to change all that. As the owner of internationally renowned (but now New Zealand focused) Think Right Ltd, Mike is a passionate believer in the power of Mindset.

His mandate is to train business leaders and their people to understand how behavior is a direct result of the way we think.

Focusing on positive mindset brings about changes in behavior which organically brings about changes (for the better) in results. And how does positive mindset come about? It comes from the top.

Mike recommends Patrick Lencioni’s ‘The Advantage’, a book about organisational health which the author says should be “whole, consistent and complete when its management, operations, and culture are unified”.

The book encourages you as a business owner to ask 6 questions:

  1. Why do we exist? Mission statement, purpose.
  2. How do we behave? Core values, aspirational values, rights to play.
  3. What do we do? What are we doing each day, each week to achieve our purpose?
  4. How will we succeed? Modus operandi and forward action.
  5. What’s most important right now? Priorities and time management.
  6. Who must do what? Strategy, accountability and KPI’s.

Being definite on these points sets up a clear vision which aligns the entire organisation to a common purpose and common direction. When leaders are sure of their mission statement, and hold it close, the outcome is a shift in the mindset right down the line. Mike cites ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill (1937) who states:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Words become reality and when people understand the purpose, they become engaged with achieving it.  Each team member understands they have an important role to perform and are working towards a like-minded goal. This allows them to operate at a much higher level and Mike see this as a response to the basic human need of feeling valued.

Good vibrations all round, as what follows is a positive flow-on effect from team members to suppliers to customers.

I asked Mike if he personally subscribes to his mindset mantra. Of course, how could he not? This man really practices what he preaches. He does ‘what it says on the tin’ and really owns his issues to work towards his business objectives.

He gives back by powering up the next generation of future leaders, today’s youth, and in our current information age of sharing and self-awareness, ‘thinking right’ will soon become a natural revolution.

You can contact Mike at: mike@thinkright.co.nz


or at LinkedIn or FaceBook

Recommended reading:

‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ by Carol S. Dweck

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Steven R. Covey

‘The Fish! Philosophy’ www.fishphilosophy.com/    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZKiJejNRtw


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