Mike Westbury – Recruiting the right people for your team.

Interview with
Mike Westbury
Mike Westbury – Recruiting the right people for your team.

Mike Westbury, One Eighty Recruitment

If your business isn’t adapting to the new 2020 normal, then you’re probably going backwards. Tough words?

Change is challenging and in creating a smarter-functioning workplace, our guest today, Mike Westbury, owner of https://www.oneeighty.co.nz/, suggests we especially change the way we look at recruitment.

Recruitment is a fickle creature. It ebbs and flows while following the lead of the economy and reflecting the mood of the country. It's hugely impactful in every work situation and highly emotional as a life event. We all want a good job, and business owners need good staff.

How can we dovetail our job application and recruitment techniques to reach personnel who deliver on performance and a positive workplace culture?

Short-sighted recruiters go about the task laboriously. Sweet-sounding advertisements lure multiple applicants hired on long-winded checklists and gruelling interviews. Some recruiters are just fishing with no ‘real’ job at the ready, or stockpiling potentials to employ once ‘all the stars are aligned’.

One Eighty Recruitment https://www.oneeighty.co.nz/ does things a bit differently. Mike Westbury uses targeted candidate campaigns instead of broad-strokes advertising; niche client marketing rather than mass; relational Venn diagrams rather than tick boxes.

But we’re not just talking to business owners here. Let’s flip the coin to land on the hand of someone contemplating a new job. One Eighty vets and preps candidates so they persist only if they understand what attributes are likely to get them engaged. A couple of coffee chats later and they’re ready to give it their best shot.

What are those attributes? Do hard skills or soft skills attract more interest? You’ve lived through Covid 19, so it's probably no surprise that personality, teamwork, and the willingness to work autonomously from home make up some of the top ten.

You might be surprised to hear that skills profound enough to bend and flex to meet a culture mandate are high on priority.

Those more esoteric qualities represent a change in today's job market more than anything else. The pay scale's less of a motivator and job satisfaction more of one. Boomers, X, Y and Z generations all define that satisfaction level differently and in our interview with Mike, we learn how you can tailor your recruitment process to match. Or, as a candidate, how to proactively connect with the organisation that echoes your ethos.   

Like any social strategy, connecting with like-minded employers and employees relies on getting out there and doing it. Look at your favoured options then network, use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, then network some more till your visibility snowballs. That effect creates presence which leads to referrals. Bingo, you’re found the right folk, the right company, and you’ve moved to where you want to be.     

Movement is key; it’s the best catalyst for growth and evolution. Mike listened to his dad’s advice when he said: “Make sure this (One Eighty Recruitment) is set up to grow and be a 'proper', sustainable business.” He could not have predicted the opportunities and costs of 2020 with those words, but even in tough times, the message is valid.

  • work smart
  • be considered in your approach
  • keep moving through your insecurities, no matter your role
  • be clear on what you want, and who you want on your side
  • use automation and technology wisely
  • and follow a game plan that sees you into the next decade.

And most importantly, from any perspective, employer, or employee, NEVER stand still.

Listen to this fascinating podcast then contact Mike and his team from One Eighty Recruitment https://www.oneeighty.co.nz/ for more gems on how to navigate your way towards a better workplace.

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