Passion, Leadership, Strategic Vision & Implementation – The ingredients Stephanie has used to create a successful professional fast growing business

Interview with
Stephanie Murray
Passion, Leadership, Strategic Vision & Implementation – The ingredients Stephanie has used to create a successful professional fast growing business

When a business becomes highly successful in 21 short months you might question what building blocks have taken it there. What formula or personal viewpoint can allow such an exponential rate of growth?

In this interview with Stephanie Murray we discuss exactly these things. Stephanie has grown her Mortgage Broking Business – Stephanie Murray Mortgages (SMM) from a one-woman enterprise in 2015 to employing nine staff in four locations across NZ — and currently recruiting more — in 2017.

Stephanie tells us that the foundations to her success have comprised of fifteen dedicated years to the banking industry. She started out as a banker at age 17, and quickly progressed to mobile banking at age 23.  With always having an end goal in mind and a vision to establish her own brand, she used the next 10 years of working under the safety net of the big banks to build the experience and reputation needed to establish a respected presence in the mortgage brokering profession.

In 2015 Stephanie made jump from big corporate, and plunged herself in building her own business and brand.  She has very successfully been able to build, and indeed expedite the growth of her business by developing and then following a very targeted, focused and goal orientated strategic plan.   This has fundamentally been underpinned on living, breathing and taking action on her values and passion for community and relationships.

The core values of the SMM brand encompass:

  • An authentic style of leadership
  • Customer-centric focus using personalised face to face service
  • Looking at the needs of clients and finding genuine solutions
  • Guiding and educating clients (e.g. through the unfamiliar territory of buying a first home)
  • The importance of networking
  • Giving back to the community
  • Using the right medium for the message

The key things that have contributed to the 10x growth of her business is Stephanie’s understanding, the importance of, and ability to strategically implement

  • Recruiting people oriented, passionate staff
  • Building rapport and connections with the right professional advisors to provide her with best information to make key decisions on her business
  • Understanding the difference between a ‘natural leader’ and a ‘people manager’
  • Keeping a visible public profile to build contacts
  • Allying with big organisations to enable charitable activity
  • Making strategic marketing and branding decisions


The strategic plan for SMM is to grow to a 30-strong company with a presence into several provinces New Zealand wide.   While the fundamentals of mortgage broking remain the same across the board, Stephanie discusses how she has learnt that each region in New Zealand does have its own unique culture and way of doing business.   Stephanie explains how important it is to work with the local broker to tailor growth strategies and services for that region, while still staying true to the SMM Brand, and style of very personal business delivery.  

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