Winner of Taranaki Emerging Business 2016 on the passion, drive, and commitment behind the accelerated growth of their business.

Interview with
Paul Quicke & Jolene Stockman
Winner of Taranaki Emerging Business  2016 on the passion, drive, and commitment behind  the accelerated growth of their business.



Jolene and Paul had known each other since they were teenagers.  At an early age, Jolene knew she wanted to be involved in broadcasting and media.  However, she was told that she would have to move to Auckland or Wellington to do jus that.  Years passed and children became part of the equation for the couple.  As they looked for new business opportunities, Giggle TV was an opportunity they couldn’t refuse. 


Giggle TV offers business the chance to have a short sharp advertisements on TV screens placed in high people movement areas.  Ie Airports, Gyms, Doctor Waiting Rooms.  People typically are skeptical of what advertising is going to cost them.  The advertisers pay for it but because they have lots of advertisers, its much less than any advertising medium.  It’s hundreds and hundreds of times a day in a month.   These play in all their screens.  They started off with 40 screens and eventually, they built the number of screens up to 80 and even when the advertisers got double the exposure, they were not made to pay any additional amount for this.  Jolene focuses on giving value to the clients in this way to ensure they are satisfied.


Success hasn’t eluded Jolene and Paul.  Jolene and Paul have had the franchise for two years.  They initially had a five-year plan of what they were going to do.  They were able to accomplish their goals in two years.


Paul is the boss.  Jolene says that people like her but they trust Paul.  He tends to be more calm and logical.  As a husband and wife team, they’ve always worked well together.   Paul handles the technical side of things such as screen installs, etc.  And Jolene is in charge of sales and marketing.  There isn’t much they disagree on.  They talk things out until they reach an agreement on issues.  They work together as a team most of the time and this is also how they raise their children.


One of the challenges that Jolene and Paul faced in the beginning was that the screen was beautiful but people were assuming that placing an advertisement with them was going to be expensive and that it was going to be run from Auckland.   That was their first big hurdle.  Giving and keeping your word is very important, so that has helped them grow their business.


Taranaki is different, however.  What works in other places may not work in Taranaki.  Do what you do and do it well.  People in Taranaki know when you’re not genuine, so you have to be.  The sales process is different in Taranaki.  It was important to let people know they were there.  They juggled hard when they first started because they kept their full-time jobs.  Rather than quit their jobs, they stayed up all nights, were hardly eating, and had to deal with all the chaos involved with running a new small business.


A challenge they’re faced now still involves juggling and finding the right work/life balance.  They describe themselves as being intense in what they do.  Jolene and Paul are typically working almost 24/7.  Hiring a salesperson is something that Jolene and Paul are considering doing in the near future.  They consider themselves media people rather than salespeople.  They are looking for the right person for the job who loves what they’re doing and who shares the same passion as they do.


Jolene and Paul wanted to enter the TSB Bank Annual Business Awards as soon as they could.  They won The New Business Excellence Award in 2016.  This involved a lot of documentation and that all of the judges picked out similar things that included the work/life balance.  Admittedly, they live and breathe the business, which to them, can still be improved.  They are currently considering outsourcing the things that take up most of their time so they don’t burn themselves out.


Mentors were able to help them quite a bit.  They worked with people who already knew them.  They worked with people who saw the big picture and who were willing to work with them as they grew their business.  Being part of the Chamber of Commercehas helped as well.  Everybody has something that they can bring to you and they’re all on the same boat.  More important is the feeling of being a part of a community who understand what they’re going through. 


The videos from Giggle TV Taranaki currently are seen by 100,000 people and their favorite story was a child who quoted something that he had seen on Giggle TV.  That feeling of responsibility is something Jolene doesn’t take for granted.  When used the right way, she believes that it has the power to change the way people think and see.  Advertising, when used the right way, has the power to change lives.


The advertising’s future is all about brand and touch point.  Everything you do with your business is a touch point.  It’s harder to reach customers these days.  People are going to have to work harder to reach them.  Jolene and Paul believe that people will always have to wait for things and for those moments, they can effectively reach their target market. 


One of the mistakes people make is mistaking marketing as advertising.  These are two different things.  Marketing is huge and if you do your marketing right, there are tremendous opportunities for you.  They also talk about making time for yourself and not pouring all your energy into your business.  Everything has to be up for discussion.  Nothing is set it stone.  Considering alternatives could be amazing.  Hiring somebody to do marketing can also free business owners’ time to do other things.


Moving forward, Jolene and Paul are planning to focus on their strategic plan and expanding their network.  They still want to deliver the same quality of service or better.  We focus on how to build the business and enjoy the life we’re building at the same time.  It’s about remembering why they got into business in the first place.






Best Marketing Tip: Have a thorough marketing plan that’s not just advertising.  Be everywhere.


Best Operations Tip: Spend the now on your business.  Build your business.  Document your business. 


Best Staff Management Tip:  Talk to people.  Be honest.  Do what you say you’re going to do.  Be nice because people are shocked by niceness now.


Best Time Management Tip:  If you can pick one thing, if you drop a bunch of other balls, you’re at least working on one.  Work on your health.


Best Business Growth Tip:  We wanted it more than anything.  We were on fire.  Because of that everything became easy.  Don’t look at everything the same way you always did.  Have a new thought.  It doesn’t have to be possible, it just have to be new.  It gives you a new way to look at things.


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