Rachel Klaver – The currency of trust in Marketing

Interview with
Rachel Klaver
Rachel Klaver – The currency of trust in Marketing

Rachel Klaver, Identify Marketing.

Is having empathy in your relationships always a good thing? They say a bit of kindness goes a long way but in business affiliations and when you’re a people manager, does that really work?

And how do you exude what’s cryptically known as a ‘currency of trust’ in your day to day interactions?  

Find out today in our interview with Rachel Klaver of Identify Marketing https://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/. The name of the business is a tell-all as Rachel emphasises the importance of identifying your stance as an SME and then pinpointing it as your core ethos.

It’s called being Authentic.

First, it might be helpful to define ‘authenticity'. No, it's not honesty tho' that has a part to play. It’s about being bottom-line genuine, telling it how it is, shooting from the hip and the heart. That, says Rachel, is the single most valuable lead generation technique you can utilise.

It’s a strategy that can be adopted easily if you stay true to what’s real for your business. 

“You must be able to answer clearly: What do you do and who are you serving?”

Rachel Klaver, Identify Marketing https://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/

Once you have discovered your voice, Rachel has an excellent raft of methods to shout it out … Learning how to broadcast your ethos via well-chosen marketing strategies will connect you to the clientele your business will benefit from.

More on that later. (And Rachel promises it's not as time-consuming or tricky as you might think – think automation and remember, there’s a tactic for everything.)

To help other businesses position themselves accurately in their chosen arena, Identify Marketing has clearly had to do the same. There've been a few mistakes on the way and from Rachel's perspective defining leadership roles to circumnavigate staff issues is a biggie.

Rachel’s a people person; loves and values her clients and bends over backwards to meet their needs.

She was a little saddened to realise she couldn’t transfer that same empathetic approach to her staff, especially when there were jobs needing done and done pronto.

So her partner and Hubby, Rod took over that role. He’s hardly a tough guy but standing strong beside his personnel to encourage best performance has been a boon and allowed Rachel to channel her energies into her passion: being on the tools to help businesses communicate.

“Last year I felt like quitting. This year I love coming to work and I feel happy … It makes me happy every day!”

Rachel Klaver, Identify Marketing https://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/

Working with teams is hard. And to that end, Identify have tweaked their business module by reducing permanent staff numbers and becoming keen advocates of contractor engagement:

  • Contractors know what they’re about
  • No work, no pay
  • Specialist services give better value
  • External contractors mean less in-house dramas

The payoff: increased profits, reduced costs.

How can a smaller team succeed in increasing revenue? Less folk to do the work would surely result in more stress as energies are split a dozen extra ways. Not the case! In fact, the opportunity for Rachel to invest in more quality time with clients has jump-started an organic referral system and some big benefits.

Another side effect is that the manic urge to always want/need more clients fades away.

“Don’t think: Gotta get the client, get the client, feed the funnel! Rather: Get the client, feed the client, do right by the client, bless and grow the client.”

Rachel Klaver, Identify Marketinghttps://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/

Knowing and nurturing your clients takes patience. You can only know who they are if you know your own business and how to promote it. Rachel loves digital media for this purpose, but before you groan and say you don’t have the skills, listen up.

 She recommends taking a structured approach and to consider using platforms such as Zoho Social https://www.zoho.com/social/ which allow post pre-scheduling.

Work systematically, e.g. develop one post about a client, use a nice arty quote for another (try canva.com https://www.canva.com/   and write a blog, use a client testimonial or discuss an idea for the third.

You can post up to 3x/week, always remembering to:

  • Really ‘talk’ to your audience as if they are there beside you
  • Make it clear you know who you are talking to (know your target market)
  • Retain the authenticity you have worked so hard to build by sticking with your brand message
  • Keep the content close to the bones of the person who owns that brand message
  • Understand that competitor comparisons are odious and distract from your truth
  • Don’t worry about being excellent, just be consistent
  • Re-purpose and re-post over platforms at regular intervals, not too close - but if it’s a goody and still relevant you can re-use over and over!

Just don’t post on a bad hair day, or just as the s… hits the fan. Leave that till a few weeks down the track when you have it sorted. You can then put on your best face and share the experience with others as therapeutic fodder for their similar moments of high anxiety.

Measuring the R.O.I (return on investment) from digital marketing is more tangible than you’d think. https://download.cnet.com/MappIT/3000-2067_4-75703427.html

That’s because each time a person opens your website’s landing page and gives their email address (“if someone is not prepared to ‘pay’ you with their email, whatever makes you think they’ll ever pay you real money as a client?”) that interaction is recorded by Google.

And here’s where automation is awesome.

It's not an act of God when suddenly your potential client starts receiving advertising directly related to their web searches. But it is a nifty way to encourage them to your door because you are the best option to solve all their problems.

“Trust is built when you know that the person or company talking to you are catering for what you want back at you.”

Rachel Klaver, Identify Marketing https://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/

Which takes us back to the importance of authenticity in marketing your business.

As Socrates said, ‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom’. (Try using that one in your next LinkedIn post!)

But if you need a bit of help with that, contact Rachel via LinkedIn, or at https://www.identifymarketing.co.nz/ where you can download her free marketing strategy workbook.

You can also check out Identify’s online training school opportunities via The Marketing Toolbox: https://themarketingtoolbox.co.nz/

And if you need more help in moving your business from chaos to control visit Craig Oliver at https://www.projecthq.co.nz/

Or read the show notes from our other amazingly informative, inspirational and gritty podcasts at https://www.talkingbetterbusiness.com/

So many insights, tips and ideas to be had! Just sit back, listen or read and learn.


Go on, smash through the glass ceiling and move your business from ordinary to extraordinary!



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