Rosalie Kalin – A paperless office – Using technology in a very traditional paper heavy industry

Interview with
Rosalie Kalin
Rosalie Kalin – A paperless office – Using technology in a very traditional paper heavy industry

If the idea of running your business with a few carefully chosen apps sounds incredible, then you’ll love this podcast. We speak to Rosalie Kalin of Kalindale Builders who has become a bit of a trailblazer in a business world that’s going increasingly crazy with bureaucratic documentation.

Being hamstrung by the time constraints of routine paperwork and laborious bookkeeping didn’t fit with Rosalie’s idea of a good job description so she came up with a future-forward plan.

Builder husband, Richard had "cottoned on that Rosalie was pretty good on the computer and bits and pieces" and that she wasn't so keen on using old-fashioned tools such as phone books.

We wonder if he also noticed that Rosalie was about to take inspiration from Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri and initiate a revolutionary digital platform as modus operandi for their business model. Rosalie had been reading a few smart books as well, and was motivated to think:

“If we have come to use Siri as an electronic device to make our personal lives easier, then why shouldn’t businesses progress like this as well?”

Rosalie Kalin,

Kalindale is now what's known as a ‘paperless' enterprise, no mean feat in the building and construction industry where copious amounts of paperwork, compliance legislation and red tape are standard fare.

A certain amount of hard copy documentation will always exist. But the ability to deal with all your other business operations in a digitally quick, efficient, cost-effective and universal manner enables more time working on productive pastimes - generating new business or spending the day with the kids.

Hitting the traditional mode of using screeds of manual literature to run their business head-on by creating an electronic workplace meant becoming good friends with the world of apps. Rosalie and Richard bought a domain from Crazy Domains and Google mobile apps have since become the mainstay of their business workings.

Rosalie cites these advantages - and some of the apps she enjoys:

  • Huge time efficiencies
  • Immediate online access to all office documents
  • Geographical flexibility, remote operation
  • Reduced or nil office space requirements
  • Simple end of financial year accountant communication “saves them time, saves you money”
  • Instant scanning, access to and storage of rudimentary daily paperwork; GST receipts, dockets, invoices, price lists
  • Safe Google storage of business information
  • Mobile G Suite for Gmail, calendar, docs
  • Easy adoption by employees; FlexiTime app for timesheets
  • Office Lens app keeps clear, clean site plans and specifications
  • NextMinute tradie app is also in Rosalie’s sights.



Paperless offices may seem too good to be true, but Rosalie says the real-life functionality is undeniable - and reckons that labour intensive office operations will eventually be obsolete. [I suggest that working with businesses/ partners who have not updated to be digitally harmonious may not be a future option for Kalindale.]

You can reach Richard or Rosalie via their website

On Facebook or on Neighbourly

Or on Rosalie’s favourite business-oriented social media platform, LinkedIn -

“We saved money and made money in improving and innovating our business model and LinkedIn has helped us with that.”

Rosalie Kalin, Kalindale Builders Ltd

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