Sarah Carruthers – Proven methods to overcoming stress, and creating a more engaged and productive workforce

Interview with
Sarah Carruthers
Sarah Carruthers – Proven methods to overcoming stress, and creating a more engaged and productive workforce


You have to forgive Sarah Carruthers if she starts to yawn midway through a chat - she’s just letting go of a bit of tension.

In fact, if there’s one thing Sarah’s keen on promoting as part of her anti-stress campaign at The Healthy Workplace, it’s the huge benefit to be gained from a well crafted, belly-felt, wide-jawed, noisy yawn.

In today’s podcast we talk to ex-champion gold medallist clay pigeon shooter, Sarah about: a) how her high-pressure career revealed the need for a more empowered mental approach, and b) how that empowerment could also be handy for a whopping 80% of employees currently disengaged with their job.

So, using their 25 years or so of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, goal setting and mindfulness skills, Sarah and business partner, Dr Suzanne Henwood developed The Healthy Workplace. The objective was to help people de-stress and develop resilience … and find a passion for their job.

Giving your job all you’ve got is usually practised by business owners – but the stress impact can be epic. And when someone is employed in a workplace not of their dream, you’ll possibly be paying wages to a toxic team member who really doesn’t want to be there.

With so many employees sleepwalking through their working day and counting down till home time, it makes big dollars and cents sense for business owners and managers to re-programme staff into a state of happy productivity.

“What is it that motivates you; what is it that’s going to make you WANT to jump out of bed and go to work?”

Answer: “Having a meaningful and purposeful life.”

Sarah Carruthers, 

Sarah uses proven neuroscience techniques that teach people how to find that kind of life, in her ‘Nine to Thrive’ stress and resilience workshop. The focus is to identify stress and dysfunctional team behaviour then introduce methods of change. What results is:

  • Increased clarity and confidence
  • Effective ‘compassionate’ communication
  • Better time management
  • Team collaboration and harmony
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased ability to accept and thrive during change
  • An upsurge in job satisfaction.

Why are our stress levels off the planet these days? And why can’t we bounce back from adversity?

Many reasons!

Different generations have created different behaviours. Old-school put up or shut up attitudes have been replaced with those of intolerant vocal millennials. Coping with failure isn’t understood and social media incites us to do and want more to keep up. We’re are always ‘on’ and life is too busy. Fast-changing environments have created a bewildered youth and work culture.

We don’t sleep, or rest enough and often exist in lonely situations with no community network (“it’s OK to say I need help, tools, talk!”). And fewer go to church nowadays, squashing an opportunity for time-out in a values-guided, supportive culture.

We aren’t taught how to be happy and don’t take the time to RELEASE, so stress culminates into anxiety, depression and exhaustion.

You can see why The Healthy Workplace is revolutionising not just worker productivity but also quite possibly saving lives. And it could all just come back to a few simple techniques … including that exquisite yawn.

In case you don’t have time to listen to this podcast we’ll now walk you through a good yawn (aim to yawn for 60 seconds, every hour):

  1. Notice on a scale of 1-10 where your stress levels are
  2. Savour 10-12 yawns mindfully. Take note of the sensations during and after
  3. Breathe in the value that matters most right now
  4. Breathe out the tension
  5. Breathe in the next step value
  6. Breathe out the tension
  7. Note where your stress levels are.

The Healthy Workplace can move the dial for you with simple techniques like this! It’s not brain surgery, but it is brain science.

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