Sunniva Holt - How the combination of mindset, resilience, determination, and share hard-work equals success. #QueenFire

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Sunniva Holt
Sunniva Holt - How the combination of mindset, resilience, determination, and share hard-work equals success. #QueenFire

Sunniva Holt, Multi-Millionaire, #Queen Fire

If pulling weeds, sorting sheep shit and cleaning motel rooms seem unlikely gambits on a multi-millionaire’s stepladder to success, then think again!

A real-time believer in how you can programme your mind to achieve mega status is Sunniva Holt, entrepreneur, hustler-extraordinaire, author, international speaker and mindset coach.

Sunniva started hustling at age twelve and has since followed a self-driven pathway to fame, not without its twists and turns, but always with a trajectory pointing up.

Sunniva’s a rebel (“Tell me to go right, I’ll go left!”)and her determination to flout her confining family culture meant pursuing her goals as a kind of bucket list. The laws of manifestation then morphed her into adulthood; wealth, travel, property, an organically-growing business brand – plus love, marriage and a daughter.

You’d think that ticking these boxes would be a dream come true, right? Not for Sunniva, who plummeted; achieving temporal success only meant temporary happiness and short-lived satisfaction.

Enter epiphany number 1: “The realisation that I needed to do something for others.” A $200,000 investment in personal mindset development came about first which Sunniva cites as value beyond value. {She continues to enjoy personal mentoring and currently has three different coaches on the go.}

There are a lot of life coaches out there. Do you need one? Yes, if you want to tap into your X-factor (and we all have it). Yes, if you are seeking the ‘something’ that lights you up and yes again if you have a business idea but no idea how to monetise it or navigate the snags that are keeping it lifeless.

Go with your gut instinct when choosing a mentor. Be super-intuitive, look for coaches who have achieved what you want, who resonate. Ignore your ego and don’t let past failures hold you back.

"Look at failures as little stepping stones along the way that we get to learn from. We pick ourselves up, then we move on … until we are wildly successful."

Sunniva Holt,

The revolutionary masterminds who have impacted Sunniva’s life definitely need a mention. One especially kicked her into “remembering who we are and why the f… we’re here, and like, really showing up for ourselves”. That earth-shattering workshop was called The Bridge Experience, with Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles.

Tony Robbins (Unleash the Power Within) was brilliant, and though I can’t quite get to grips with this next one, so were the plant medicine ceremonies Sunniva says have had a massive influence on her business practice.

Sunniva is now a wildly successful life coach with a gift for igniting success in others.

She’s truly adamant you can have any life you want. If you want to skyrocket personally/professionally/ financially, you sure can – it’s all about mindset, and mindset is a fluid state that can be shifted.

“You know, money is a wonderful thing, a powerful tool! You can use it to do so many amazing things in the world. Don’t be afraid of it.”

Sunniva Holt,

Don’t be afraid of getting uncomfortable, either. Successful business owners undergo a tour of duty to push out of their safe behaviour zone. Sunniva’s shy, yet her profile is out there, up front and visible, all the time.

For a few more transformational activities, look here:

  • Initiate a morning routine (journal writing, meditation, vision and goal reiteration)
  • Be willing to make friends with failure
  • Be so committed to your outcome that nothing gets in your way
  • Develop resilience; ‘go again, go again, go again’
  • Hold on to your vision to create momentum and motivation
  • Have a time schedule in place (Sunniva’s super power wish is to teleport – she likes to go places fast)
  • “Let go of the good and easy to make room for the great”
  • Be accountable
  • Use many tools to get your brand visible. If you don’t have the tools at hand, find someone who can help   
  • Be prepared to put in the work
  • Always go with what lights you up.

Sunniva doesn’t advertise her business because “truly standing in our power - that’s what attracts our clients, that’s what attracts the right people to put us on the right path”.

But she gets a little tetchy at the folk who tell her she’s got it easy. Her advice: instead of getting jealous, think about the journey that’s gone before. Be inspired; anything’s possible.

Sunniva’s well worth following! Find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms. is where to buy her best-selling books, The Hustle Life and Life on your Terms.

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