Tania Reid – Following your dreams, your passion, and making sacrifices to create the life that truly makes you happy

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Tania Reid
Tania Reid – Following your dreams, your passion, and making sacrifices to create the life that truly makes you happy

Tarn (The Terminator) Reid

When all it takes is a bet with the local top cop on a packet of Tim Tams to turn your life around, you’d wonder: what’s really in those biscuits?

Maybe Arnott’s made Tim Tams differently back in the ‘90s (they are Australian, after all) but whatever the case, the dare from Area Commander, Blair Telford which challenged 15-year-old Tania Reid to stay home at night packed a bigger punch than she was willing to return.

We don’t know who finally ate all the Tim Tams but we’re suspecting it might’ve been Tania because in keeping her end of the deal she changed her routine from larking about at night (looking for trouble) to loitering with intent in the daytime and … she discovered a gym. 

Our podcast today talks about Tania (The Terminator) Reid’s will to survive a childhood of dodgy deeds, an alcoholic and later suicidal mother, and a probable future of crime to become New Zealand’s best female boxer.

Tania has a competitive nature and a fighting spirit. Perhaps it’s these attributes and her wise respect for the long arm of the law (“They all knew me … some of them still do!”) that led her out of an early life of difficulty (“I was a bit of a shithead when I think about it”)to co-owning a business, having a son, and following a sport she loves: boxing, “I’ve probably been active since the day I was born!”.

It’s taken commitment, dedication, discipline and sacrifice to get there, but training with the Rapira brothers’ Box Office Boxing Gym took Tania from top amateur status to debuting and winning as a pro in 2017.

 “There’s nothing more challenging as getting into a (small) space with another person who wants to punch you in the face as much as you want to punch them in the face. Only one person’s gonna come out a winner!”

Tarn (The Terminator) Reid

Boxing’s gutsy and there’s no room to hide: “There ain’t no one stepping in to take your place!”

So you have to have a tight plan BUT be speedily adaptable; as Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Here’s where we can parallel Tania’s dream lifestyle as a passionate pro boxer with any SME business experiencing Covid 19 lockdown. Like a particularly tricky boxer, Covid has smacked us right in the face. Creating a strategy to cope with such a sudden move takes mental and physical agility, strength and adaptability, no matter your pursuit. Sometimes you also need to be prepared to make a radical pivot if it means achieving happiness and success.  

Tania lost her bout with Baby ‘Pitbull’ Nansen in 2019 and decided to throw in the towel – though not into the boxing ring; she made the tough call to give up all her other commitments (business, home, partner, family) and bugger off to Thailand to train fulltime.

"It came to me that I wasn't happy with the way my life was … but it wasn't an 'oh I lost my fight, so I’ll throw my toys out of the cot’ kind of a decision!”

Tarn (The Terminator) Reid

Making that decision came after 7 days’ self-isolation (“I’m a Libra – it’s really hard to make a decision and I’ll procrastinate!”).It didn’t come easily, but she and her crew who “constantly, no matter what, had my back and got me through it” knew she had talent, intent and dedication. And she realised that a key part of looking after herself meant looking after her dream.

“I’m gonna take this as far as I can … I’m gonna be one of those 100-year-old nannas who just won’t go away!”

Tarn (The Terminator) Reid

Tania’s now an ambassador for Kombat Group Thailand, and they are sponsors for her pro-boxing. She won her fight against Australian lass, 20-year-old Rachel Loder in 2019 which gave her the ANBF Australasia Female Lightweight Title - a real coup at age 41 and just reward (and vindication) for upping sticks to Thailand.

She wants to inspire any person to sit down and have a think about what their passions are and where their dreams lie. Check-in regularly, re-evaluate constantly and ask the question: Is this still how I want to live?

And, on the way:

  • Don’t let people dictate how you should do things
  • Don’t listen to the naysayers and doubters
  • Do small things for yourself
  • Find a way to put yourself first; it can be for personal benefit or altruistic
  • Don’t beat yourself up over failure - debrief, then let it go
  • Go out and face whatever’s in front of you
  • Take time to sit and work out a business plan
  • Exercise regularly for mental clarity and fitness
  • Encourage your dream to evolve.

Think about Tarn (The Terminator) Reid's walkout music; it's called Ready for War and it’s appropriate during Covid 19 to couple that with her last words:

 “There’s a lot of people that are going to be really analysing what’s important in their life. I truly believe that this is a time for us to work out what makes us happy.”

Tarn (The Terminator) Reid

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