Therese Hart – From home garage to nationwide expansion.

Interview with
Therese Hart
Therese Hart – From home garage to nationwide expansion.

In this week's podcast, we talk to a business owner whose strategies not only include company takeovers and future acquisitions but a plan for expansion into the provinces and internationally.

Contrarily, her big-picture approach also includes consideration for her team; providing the right equipment, relationship building, days off for birthdays, fruit boxes … personal touches which feed staff loyalty and investment.

She’s Therese Hart of Eftpos Now and her business blueprint highlights some big differences in how she operates. In fact, Therese talks about her staff and clientele with affection, respect and empathy. 

“If you’re not rowing the boat the same way the cogs start to fall off!”

Therese Hart, Eftpos Now,

A mixed metaphor perhaps! But the message is clear and is paying dividends to Therese’s enterprise in a ripple effect, from staff to her business operators to clients and users of Eftpos Now.

Where did this personal approach come from and how does she temper it with the determination and proactivity required to grow Eftpos Now?

Private challenges spurred Therese’s professional and practical motivation to sink or swim to feed her family. Since becoming a “single pringle” in 2011 and working from a walk-in wardrobe, Therese is now running an ever-expanding enterprise with a full-time staff of ten.

It helped that she already had business ownership experience and established connections within a mature industry prepared to talk and share.

Therese’s long-term goal is now to become a leading supplier in terminals and point of sales systems nationwide and overseas ….

One facet of that means buying other businesses.

When considering the acquisition of another business, she suggests:

  • Be prepared to “undergo some hairy moments cashflow-wise”
  • Look for the right fit – people (do they care about their clients?) and processes (are some systems in place and are they manageable?)
  • Question if you can add value
  • Check if value is already there and if it can be increased
  • Make sure there’s a fire in your belly to make it work
  • Be proactive and seek expansion rather than wait for organic growth
  • Ensure you do the numbers before leaping with confidence
  • Choose carefully where you expand (geography, demographics, population base)
  • Utilise a careful accountant, or a good mentor

For a seamless transition into new business ownership, Therese draws on her humanitarian attributes as well as her “pedantic process persona”. She also uses professional marketing (Rachel Klaver from Identify Marketing NZ  ) to inform, educate and reassure the existing (and future) client base.

Note: When the boot’s on the other foot, and you are a business in the throws of selling up, make sure your systems (website, processes, data management, CRM) are all functional and transparent. A documented, cohesive operation adds huge end value to the sale price.

I asked Therese for some gems of advice about her general business practice. She says, “don’t get wrapped up in what other people are doing in the industry … keep your eye on improving your own game”.

And again, she reverts to her people are power mantra – treating staff and clients with the same interest and care. Unsurprisingly, her next resource investment will be in a person specifically employed to make people contact more regular and far-reaching.

“We want to touch customers more than what we are right now.”

Therese Hart, Eftpos Now,

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