Craig Oliver - Your host unveiled - The man behind the voice, and his passion for helping others be successful

Interview with
Donna Yeats & Craig Oliver
Craig Oliver - Your host unveiled - The man behind the voice, and his passion for helping others be successful

It takes a good keen man to walk the talk in any tough industry.

It also takes a brave and honest person to own up to his strengths and weaknesses and, well, talk about them as does our podcast guest this week, the main dude, keystone collaborator and host of Project HQ  itself, Craig Oliver.

And while we aren’t exactly unmasking the man behind the voice (and what a voice it is! Craig’s no shrinking violet) we do delve into what makes Craig tick.

We find out why he’s regarded as a “bloody nice guy and bloody good at his job”, and how his own inimitable style and personality (enthusiasm personified) help create special relationships with clients that end in success.

 “I give business owners the confidence to push through to the next level of their business’ evolution.”

Craig Oliver, Mentor, Project HQ

We also reveal why Craig’s local identity has impacted on the national business community network to such a large degree.

No surprises there, though: Craig has a big and highly regarded community profile - and he’s got the coffee club cards to prove it … Plus, he’s so jolly positive; ask Craig how he is, and you’ll get a booming, “Blimmin’ fantastic!” every time.)

So please ignore the people who reckon Craig’s got the perfect face for podcasts. Because you’ll see our Mystery Man Unplugged in the community like it or not, talking, leading, helping, and did we mention talking?

Ergo (Latin for therefore), today we put the boot on the other foot, flip the lid and pop the bonnet on Craig in an interview designed to let him connect with his listeners in a slightly different way.

We hear him talk with a clarity and conviction that speaks volumes. And if that can help his subscribers, followers and future clients in some way then all well and good. If not, then we guarantee you’ll still love to listen to the authenticity and energy that bounces off this man in droves.

Sit down, relax, grab (yet another) coffee, because today, Craig Oliver, This Is Your Life.

Craig’s corporate background made him a natural choice for a future career in business mentoring. That’s because it taught him how NOT to do things.

It also taught him how identifying and streamlining key operational structures and systems can help business owners take their enterprise to the next level. And that’s what Craig does best.

Craig looks after business owners who wake up and realise:

“OMG, I’m supporting 5 or 6 families. I’m turning over good money but jeepers I’m working way too many hours and my back office is not as polished as I’d like it to be; things are starting to fall apart and I’m losing sleep …”

{Typical business owner lament}

It happens to the best of us and more often in ‘mature’ businesses who have hit an operational and productivity plateau. We go into business in the first instance because of a perceived freedom of ‘lifestyle’ which six years down the track has actually become a 50 or 60-hour job with zero family time and a grumpy partner.

“I didn’t do it for this. It’s just not how I thought it would be …”

{Typical business owner lament}

Craig's no superhero, but he does know his stuff and his attitude is definitely more akin to Superman’s “Up, up and away!” than nose-to-the-grindstone dull. He holds his core values to the fore and relates those to employers desperate to keep their staff occupied and well fed.

He has a knack of getting to the nitty gritty pretty quickly and his intuition (and experience) allows him to see what’s preventing business owners from seeing the wood from the trees.

“I can put a good wager on it that they’ve got some shit going on behind closed doors in their business that they’re not 100% happy with!”

Craig Oliver, ProjectHQ

Craig recommends you stop comparing yourself with the Jones’ and look instead at what needs to change within your business. Craig can lead the way and put strategies in place which relieve stress, introduce accountability and maximise productivity.

His services encompass a three-tiered approach:

  1. Business advisory (transforming you from ordinary to extraordinary)
  2. Development of business process manuals (documentation of policies, procedures and systems)
  3. Project management (getting stuff done).

Sounds a bit jargony, but that’s certainly not the way Craig presents it. His philosophy is keeping it ‘raw but real' and his practical systematisation techniques make change fun.

It can also be a little discomforting: changing mindset and shifting comfort zones is never easy! And beware: Craig has no qualms about popping on his bad cop hat to guide you through; you need to be ready to act. Craig calls it ‘partnering up’.

One of Craig’s many talents is helping business owners find and work with what they are good at; finding their own kind of ‘genius’. The way to discover genius is to put structures around other aspects of the business so you get time to offer best value. The biggest hindrance to that?

  • Fear of delegation
  • Lack of focus
  • Hazy company structure.


  • Training staff around a culture of constant improvement and accountability
  • Clarifying your core offering; what makes the business profitable
  • Implementing a company support structure.

One of the most effective (Lean) changes you can make is the initiation of a daily toolbox meeting, with whiteboard, and run by staff, for staff. Just this simple amendment to procedure can potentially double your revenue!

Craig’s also a big believer in contracting out. If you can’t do the job fantastically, trust that someone else can … this applies in financial control, marketing and sales or social media … and don’t forget, there’s no shame in admitting failure.

“Oh my goodness, why didn’t I do this three years ago?”

{Typical business owner lament}

“The success for me is when job’s done, and I get fired!”

Craig Oliver, ProjectHQ

Go have a chat and a coffee with Craig (he needs his freebie). Pull him over, pin him down. But if you don’t spot him in the street, check him out at LinkedIn, Facebook or at

And please note Craig is prepared to travel nationally and internationally where needed (tho’ spoiler alert: the Learjet stationed at the airport’s not his – sorry folks).

In case you need reminding: when you need help in moving your business from chaos to control visit Craig Oliver at

Or read the show notes from our other amazingly informative, inspirational and gritty podcasts at

So many insights, tips and ideas to be had! Just sit back, listen or read - and learn.


Go on, smash through the glass ceiling and move your business from ordinary to extraordinary!



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